Registration Problems


Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
We have had a few problems with the registration process. Much of it is about the confirmation email.This software has security settings that will block out certain situations:

1. Free email accounts. These are usually set up through MSN, Yahoo, or possibly your own ISP. You may have many free email acconuts on the same IP address. Don't use these to register... use your normal email account that was assigned to you by your ISP.

2. Email account through where you work or other supervised networks. These usually have firewalls and filters. If your confirmation email disappeared for a few days it probably got tagged and was sent to the network administrator instead of you, where it may have been deleted.

It is best to register using your own personal computer with your regular email address.


Logging Off

Tom, or anyone else who knows. When I click the "log out" button the screen then comes up with a message regarding "cookies cleared", but at that stage it still shows me as logged on. I have to click the log out button again before it shows me to not be here any longer. Is this normal. I'm not too much of a computer whizz kid. Maybe there is a setting wrong? Still running Win 98. :confused:
That is normal.

When you logout, your cookies are cleared after your profile info is displayed. In other words, we couldn't log you out before recognizing who you were. Otherwise, on some systems the cookie would not be cleared.

After the "cookies cleared" message is displayed, clicking on any link (like the Home Page) will show you as a visitor.

Hope this helps,