Standard Bore
Mar 12, 2006
:eek: I have seen a photo of the fully faired touring Rocket for next year. It really is the fit birds fat mate. Still no accounting for taste. The article is in MCN this week. It quotes a Factory source as saying that the sales of the Rocket are not what they could be, apparently Triumph sold 2000 Rockets in the US 2005 to 2006, Harldley sold 30000 bikes in the same period. The fully tarted up fat bird is aimed at saving sales in the American market.

I'm sucking a lemon at the moment, I havn't had a chance to ride my R3 for 4 weeks. I have just taken it out in warm sunshine only for it to piss down on me. Now I'm freezing cold wet and have a filthy bike to wash. Poxy British weather the other week it was so hot and clammy the engine heat was unbearable.

To top it all the clowns that run the country have given the go ahead for blanket 40 and 50mph speed limits on all roads with bends and hills on in the name of safety. This is to be rolled out nationally up untill 2013. At least the C90 won't be overtaken. I need to move from this politically correct toilet pan. Did you know that as an asylum seeker in addition to be given a house and benefit's you can claim £6000 to buy yourself a car? Now I'm getting really mad I'm off to spray some flies.:(
Well they aren't doing correct comparison. Comparing number of Rockets sold versus number of Harleys sold. Need to compare Triumph to Harley or pick one model of Harley to compare to Rocket III.
Hey UnRe....

I'm with ya brotha!!! Move over here and we'll take care of ya!!! Rocket sales this... Rocket sales that... I like mine just fine :D You don't want me to start *****in' about local politics... it will kill the forum...:eek: