R3-The Official Bike of Big Fat Americans


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Aug 27, 2007
Central SC
I'm an equal opportunity bike lover. I've always ridden, appreciated, and loved motorcycles. Jap bikes, Harleys, Italian, Vintage. You get the picture. But sadly at an older and bigger 350lbs. and 6' 3" most bikes look and feel like toys under me now. My wife and I went to the International show in Atlanta two years ago bike shopping and she took pics of me sitting on everything. I kept wondering why she was giggling. She said "Those bikes all look so small", these were the Harleys. Fast foward, she and I are riding past a storefront in a small town last weekend. We both looked to the side and saw ourselves in the glass. What a perfect fit! This thing looked like it was made for me (Now, my wife is not a big girl, she just said, "What a pretty bike, we look good on this":)). Just another reason to love the Rocket. So...I hereby declare the R3...The Official Bike for Big Fat Americans!
I second that declaration. I am 6'3" and 290 lbs.
I rode my wife's deuce last week. I kept missing the pegs because it is so narrow.
Is this the cross section of overweight America? I keep hearing about American kids eating junk food and snacks and getting more inflated all the time............

You guys need to farm instead of being couch potatoes. It builds character and lessens the over-the-belt hangover.

No wonder the rear tires don't last. The cross sectional load on the tire is wearing them out.
im not ready to buy some dirt and get the rakes out just to loose ten pounds. im 6'4 290 and what iv got you could barly call a bear belly. but thats still a big haul for the old shadow that got parked a month ago. im not ashamed to be called big but i also think the rocket is fairly universal. how about big fat americans and (because less weight makes for faster ride), the crazy skinnys. either way i havent spoke to anyone, and i meen anyone that was disapointed with there bike. thats quirks included.