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Apr 26, 2007
hi, i new here and am just looking for info before i purchase an r3. my main interest is in a power cruiser (i also have a rune and v-rod) but my background is with italian exotics.

my questions are:

1. what, if any, are the differences between the years ('05/'06/'07)?
2. are there certain things to look for (or watch out for)?

thanks in advance for any input.

The differences between the model years mentioned are mainly colors of the bike and colors of the engines...and gage colors.
The differences among the three models available are:

stock Rocket: single seat, different mufflers, not detuned, black engine (2007's), solid color (no two tone)

Classic Rocket: tourer seat, pulled back bars, floorboards, heel to toe shifter, mufflers, black engine (2007), engine detuned (12-20 HP less?), different colors available (two tone)

Rocket Classic Tourer: same as Classic, but with silver engine (2007), roadscreen, sissy bar with pad/rack, leather panniers (pretty good discount if you like the silver engine), different colors available (two tone).

Get a good dealer, list price isn't set in stone.
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I just read your post and you mean to tell me that my 06 Classic is detuned by 10 to 12 HP. Is this overall or just in the first 3 gears. If it is detuned overall how can I get my full 10-12 hp. I can't believe that it is detuned cause it goes really fast.
de tuned

I am going by what I have read on the board. Supposedly because of the floorboards and the "riding style" (with pull back bars and heel to toe shifter) it comes out of the factory with a little less HP (still more than the 118 HP on the Wing) for, I guess, a little more "relaxed" (read: not as agressive though with the Rocket that may be an oxymoron) riding style.

In fact, my dealer is going to find out for sure (he wasn't sure at the time I asked him about it) and if it is true, he is going to load the normal "stock" tune (I asked him to) back in to the bikes computer...electronic brain...whatever it is called.

Keep in mind that even the stock bike is de-tuned somewhat (if that is the correct term) as the secondaries are partially closed and the bike power is restricted in the first two gears. The Classic and Classic Tourer (I presume) gets restricted even more (I believe it is a 20 HP reduction). If you want to eliminate this you have to go the Tuneboy or Power Commander route and load/change tunes to your liking or according to your exhaust configuration and/or missing catbox and play with the secondaries.

Anyone else want to chime in on this or have I been a good student of the board and got it mostly right?
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A Little Less HP ???

The Classic tune has the speed limiter kicking in earlier than the standard models. Both models have the same hp/tq.

Indeed: In Europe (excl. France), the Standard and the Classic have exactly the same power and torque readings, i.e. 142 PS (140 HP) @ 6'000 rpm's and 200 Nm (147ft.lbf) @ 2'500 rpm's. And I have seen no mention here of any "detune" or other speed limiter difference on the Classic :confused:

As to Evoluzione (Welcome!) 's question, the one thing to watch for is the boredom that his current bikes will generate the minute he rides a Rocket:D . Jamie

The only real thing you have to look for in the years you mention is in 04 threw early 05 some of the main drive bearings were installed incorrectly and have had to be replaced after a few thousand miles. So if possible I would go with the newest you can get. I you go with a 04 ask if the bearing has been replaced.
I believe that’s the only major issue the rockets have had. It has a few quarks as most bikes (like not liking first gear) but nothing major.