Not quite sure I understand what needs done!


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey guys, I'm ready to install the TOR's (along with the cat bypass which is already in place, and a 12 minute tune satisfied that upgrade) but not certain I should without first lining up an appointment at a dealership to adjust for compatibility (with the tune). I believe Tomo stated (with some certainty) that my 05 Rocket has the 20055 tune. Maybe just another 12 minute tune would suffice?

If I do install the new pipes, will I experience a "loss" of performance, or just some noticable decel noise from time to time? Is it recommended to have the bike addressed after an installation (exhaust upgrade) of this level?

I don't own the Tuneboy nor the PCIII. Best direction please. And Tomo, you are one I really look up to here (taking nothing away from the others that could offer "Rock-et" Solid advice as well). All input eagerly absorbed as usual.

This site keeps me wanting more: advise, recommendations, bling, laughs, horsies, eye candy, etc.

See ya.


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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
Rusty, if it was me I would do the 12 min tune and see how it does. You are not making any intake changes so I wouldn't be too concerned. Triumph has released a new series of tunes the info for them is here

The new tunes were supposedly going to address the decel popping and idle issues. The only difference I could find was they upped the base idle a little. If you were going to get a new tune loaded I would do the 20150 or 20145 tunes. The 20149 which says for aftermarket exhaust and cat box removed is one of the most restricted tunes as far as how much the secondaries are closed and ignition mapping.

I think you are going to have some popping and it won't be resolved with any of the stock tunes. You would need the PCIII (there is one for sale in the classifieds) or a Tuneboy.


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Feb 25, 2006
Hey Rusty!

The combination of the cat bypass and the TOR's are basically going to lower your backpressure verses the stock setup. The stock setup actually robs some horsepower because it is somewhat restrictive, it takes horsepower just to push the exhaust gasses down the pipes and mufflers. Having the TOR's and cat bypass isn't really having a "tuned" exhaust, but it will give you a little more "umph".

This was one of the earliest exhaust mods out there back in late 2004. Doing the 12 minute tune helped runnability but most had to put up with some annoying popping on deceleration. Basically there are 3 ways to cure that now. Triumph has a new factory tune that addresses this, I haven't tried it but I haven't heard anything bad about it either. Second... you could install the TuneBoy program and cure it that way... and lastly... the PC III seems to do a good job of killing the popping.

I guess it boils down to you and how much you are interested in playing with the tune on your bike. If that isn't your cup of tea and you really hate messing with that sort of thing I would suggest taking your bike to the dealer and have him load in the newest tune for that setup. All you have to do is give him some cash. Nothing simpler.

If you want plug and play... PC III is for you. Its simple to hook up and is somewhat tunable... you need a computer or a laptop to hook a USB cable to so you can run it to your bike to make changes, but it's very easy... even I can do it :D.

If you are a computer genius and have spent years at the racetrack and dyno(or would like to) the Tuneboy is for you. There is a learning curve here but with some time and effort learning how all this works it can be a very fascinating piece of software and is far more versatile than the PC III. Once again you will need a computer (with XP or newer) or a laptop close to your bike...

Then again... some people actually liked the popping..:D