Aug 14, 2006
Mount Carmel Illinois
My name is Dave and I am from Southern Illinois and I just purchased a new Rocket III Classic White and Red. I just wanted to introduce myself and wish you good rocketing.
God Bless
Hi Dave!!

I like that color combination. All anyone else will see is a blur:D....

Join in... have some fun!!!

Another One

Welcome Dave from another Dave.

Hope you enjoy the forum and the interesting things you can learn about your ride. We also end up having a bit of fun kidding with each other but always :roll: in good taste!
My name is Dave and I am from Southern Illinois and I just purchased a new Rocket III

welcome dave to the triumph 12 step program.
step 1 : admit you have an addiction and it's name is rocket
step 2 : thank god for giving you enough sense to aquire this addiction.
step 3 : spend most of your time at work thinking about riding your addiction
step 4 : don't let your wife know that the glazed far off look when she is blathering on about something is due to your picturing all the cool things your going to do to addiction.
Welcome Triroketman

It is good to see another member with a red and white Classic. Clearly you got the secret factory information that the R3Cs are faster than all other Rockets, and the red and white ones are the fastest of the Classics. Not everyone got that info, but at least you and I have been made aware and took advantage of it. Glad you joined the group!
Nice to have you with us Triroketman,and congratulations on getting the Red part right:D Just hang around here and you will learn how to spend your money on goodies for your beast.