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Oct 6, 2006
Grand Haven, Michigan
Hi Fellow Rocket Riders,

Rick R. from Grand Haven, Michigan. I picked up my new Rocket the end of July and put 5,000 trouble free miles on it so far. If it holds up like my Honda valkyrie with 41,000 hard
miles on it, I'll be one happy customer.
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Grand Heaven. Nice town. Nice babes in the summer. Another Michigan rider. Now we have PF, Banjo Bart, Gunshots and myself. Welcome and please join in. This is an interesting site.:cool:

Where did you get your R3 at? Kazoo, Traverse City or Detroit?

We are going to have to start a Michigan users group soon......:D
Hey clicker,rode my first bike in Kellog many yrs.ago.May get back there whenever I can break away from this grind or when Flip and PF set a date! :D
Glad you're here

click.... Let me add my two cents and say welcome. I know you'll have a great time learning about the bike and some of the do's and don'ts of maintaining it. Looks like the Michigan contingent is ready for their own sub forum!

I've never been in your fine state but I've contributed to your GNP by eating a lot of cereal and driving lots of vehicles. My dad retired from GM with 33 years and they took good care of him.
Welcome Clicker. :bch:

I had a Valkyrie, too. Lodged some respectable mileage, totally trouble-free, on it as well. But I never quite bonded with it, despite efforts to do so via some mild customizing. The engine felt bland and somewhat underpowered, etc. I wanted a bike that would be more passion-inspiring. And I found the Rocket:)

Welcome Clicker.

You are in a well represented state on this forum. Expect some grief from the "locals" if you talk about your tat's.:D All in good fun though,.....right Flip?!:rolleyes:

"tats" the word.....:)

Grief, I give no grief, only the bare truth. Why candycoat the obvious. I'm way too old for that crap. I have to coddle the guys who work for me, my dog, my relatives, even my wife once in a while, but here, no way. I'm not coddling anyone here. We are all big boys now, at least I think most of us are. If you can afford a R3, you must either be grown up or you have well-to-do parents. If it's the latter, adopt me.