New experience!


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Sep 11, 2005
I like riding other bikes alot. It either shows you what you're missing or it gives you an appreciation for what you have and very few bikes are just plain BAD.....there are just some that I really wouldn't want to ride a second time. I have an appreciation for mechanical things...especially when they have two wheels...they burn fuel...and they go fast.

Well today, five of us went to the N.Georgia mountains for a ride and it seems that everyone wanted a chance at the Rocket. Today was my first time on a Fat Boy. Interesting to say the least. After we switched back, of course the guy had several exclamations about the power and handling of the Rocket. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, I told him that my wife and I (two-up) liked two things right from the start. "I loved the sound and my wife LOVED the vibration!"

GOD...I LOVE MY ROCKET!!!!!! A real "man's" bike!
No problems, moved it for you.

I ride with a bunch of Harley guys on a regular basis and none of them want to so much as take a spin around the block on my Rocket. I don't know if they are scared of having to admit liking something besides a HD or if it because they have witnessed some of the crap I have done on it.
I've only let two people ride my bike.. the PigMan and Kevin at Baxter's. Anyone other than a fellow Rocket Captain and I would get very nervous. They can go buy their own...
Letting others ride your bike it risky. I've let a few people (I think "4") ride it & 2 of them crashed it, a third told a totally "petential disasterous" story when he returned. I've learned alot from my past. I'll really have a hard time being comfortable letting someone else on my Rocket. At least until the "new" wears off.
It has been some time since I was introduced to a variety of rides and each had their own peculiar strengths.Never rode a Harley except on the back one time.It tickled like my 70' Trophy.My only Italian mount was a Bultaco and that goes back some.My Dealer features Ducati and they sound and haul pretty well.
I understand completely not letting anyone ride your bike. I guess I'm a little more trusting (stupid maybe) and to ride it I have to know them, have ridden with them for quite a while, know their riding habits, know that they're responsible, know they have enough money to buy me another one and always warn them of the power. I'm also riding along with them...or at least in sight. They ALWAYS get off with a grin and saying "I can't believe the power". I think it scares most cruiser riders. I would hesitate letting a sport bike rider take it because they enjoy pushing the envelope and they're not used to an 800 pound bike.

The reason for that first post was just to say that I don't understand what the overwhelming desire to own a Harley is. What a maketing system!

I have let three other people ride my rocket one of which was a coworker. after him drooling over it and always asking "how fast is it" one day i let him take it for a spin. I did trust him at least I thought i did. when he returned he had the weirdest look on his face. one of amazement. later that night after he was gone I took it for a ride. It now has a slight engine vibration, the dealerships cannot resolve. to make a long story short I found out that he wanted to see how fast it could do the 0-60 times. he left it in first gear and ran it up just past 60mph. I only know this because he was bragging to others at work about what he did. yes he still is alive, but he will never ride my bike again, and neither will anyone else. Bob