Motorcycle hall of fame


Mar 22, 2007
Howell, Michigan
Has anyone been to Pickerington, OH and paid a visit to the Motorcycle hall of fame?

Its about a 500 mile round trip from my place ( more if I bimble along the backroads) just wondering if its worth making the effort?

You can't get there from where you are....

It's a nice visit, If you want to go, Ill tag along. I know all the backroads to get there..

Sounds like a plan.

Found out today the ship is likely to be between Rio de Janeiro and Las Palmas (Canary Islands) (normally a 10 to 12 day journey) on my 8/29 due off date. As I can't see them getting me off early I will probably be a few days late getting back to Michigan..O joy! (This is the first time this has happened in the 4 years I've been working for this crowd so I can't grumble too much!)

I will give you a call when I eventually do make it back to Michigan
let me know whatyou think. were going down with 4 other couples(that just doesn't sound right:eek:) in late
September. doing a extended weekend thing.

I'm gonna be a week or so late getting home so it will be mid-September at the earliest before Flip and I can head down there and hopefully hook up with MarkC.

Which part of Michigan are you from? Myself and Mapquest have no clue have where Gun Lake is. How far are you from Howell (me)? and Cabela's (Flip)?

Best regards

I am half way between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, In the Yankee Springs recreation area. Official address is Wayland, hour and a half to Howell and 2 hours to flip.
Remember that movie "The usual suspects"

Wonder if we can get PF and Flips BIL Bart involved?


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Sounds like a plan......Stan. Bet you bring a tan.....

Looks like MarkC is gonna meet us at the musem. He lives in Dayton. Hope he gets his shocks on. :eek:

Hi Flip,

The shocks are very nice. A much better ride. I just read tonymack thread. Labor day weekend I'm going to be gone, weather permitting. Any advice on tire repair kits. I saw where progressive has a couple of different ones.( CO2 ect. ). I think I read an old thread where you discussed this subject. I need to find something sooner than late. Keep me in the loop on your trip down to the museum.