Mother goose time


Top Fuel
Jan 3, 2007
So,we are all itching to light these howitzers with head lites for that first ride of the season.Just a reminder that cold streets and that cold,stiff 240 ain't worth a crap for traction untill its warmed up especially in turns and corners. I know I have a lot of years riding too. But these new fangeled radials can be treacherous until warmed up with all that power. Ask me about my busas on a cold day. It was if I was on a frozen lake. Now the point of this mothering post is, the less we crash the cheaper our insurance rates are. All bikes gain a reputation within a few years of introduction that the insurance companies use for risk rating. I'am paying the lowest premiums I have ever paid for a bike. Ask me about busa premiums after I totaled the first one by letting it sling me off a mountain out here. So please help us keep our old farts bike reputation in tact. This will help keep our old bodies in tact also. Ok now back to your burn outs. Jack
I think that was a great post jack! We get so anxious to go (turned 60 degrees here today) that young and old should be cautious on our first rides this season. You are right, the 240 cold on cold pavement turns about as well as a refrigerator. :cool:

Just one more time Paul,just one more time. Sure your going to sturgis this year because u can't stand the heat down there in aug. Just one more time. Have fun Jack