Missing Captains - Where Are They Now?

Nothing feels like an R3, that's a fact, the overwhelming torque is tons of fun! The 87ftlbs of the Z H2 is misleading though. The bike pulls with more perceived torque than a Thunderbird Storm but less than a Rocket 3. It induces the same juvenile ear to ear smiles my rocket does, and you sense every mph of speed, so going 100 on it actually feels fast, unlike on a fully faired sportbike.

Thanks. I'm taking a different route with the Z than I did with Mufasa. I honestly consider it the best all-around road bike ever made in stock form so improvements must be thoughtful. Since it's forced induction and knock limited adding power gets dangerous, quickly.

Kawi cut the price of the Z by cheaping out on some things, like the rear shock, SS exhaust instead of Ti, no steering damper, etc. Some of the fixes are already addressed, Wilbers 640 already ordered, Full Titanium Kawi ZX10R OEM Exhaust ordered, etc. I want to build the Z H2 into what it would have been had Kawi budget department not intervened to bring sticker down, but do so in a way that's indistinguishable from a theoretical limited edition from Kawi themselves.

If I can cut 38lbs wet/fueled to 499lb, I'll be satisfied with weight. After the exhaust swap, I should be at 22lbs from target, well within reach.

The first major mod will be an intercooler and then steering damper at which point I'll see if it needs more ponies, I'm guessing that will be a big fat no.
Always enjoyed your posts, particularly the suspension info.
Given you've got Mufasa broken down into small parts and you've moved on with another flame how about mailing him to Aus for a holiday ??
I've got some spare space in my shed :thumbsup:
Always enjoyed your posts, particularly the suspension info.
Given you've got Mufasa broken down into small parts and you've moved on with another flame how about mailing him to Aus for a holiday ??
I've got some spare space in my shed :thumbsup:
Haha thanks. Mufasa has work to do before retirement still. Retirement in this case, meaning cutting power back down to 220hp or so.

Things are developing to fulfill a goal I walked away from a few years ago.

You may just see the bike immortalized in history next year :sneaky:
Is there a way to increase boost with a pulley swap? Are there aftermarket performance tunes available?
No, but the work is trivial to raise boost, about 1 hour labor, however, it's not necessary to gain power, removing ECU limiters and it bumps it to around 210-220whp on pump gas. Extra boost would raise torque, everywhere though, does sound fun;)
I would check into thr Brock exhaust folks. Saw a video of their system/tune brought the rear wheel HP to 210+. All with completely stock engine. Pretty impressive!
He did good work developing that test bike. I don't have any faith in the Z H2 internals over 220whp. IMHO any Z H2 or H2 SX pushing beyond 220 without an intercooler is a matter of when, not if, a ring land shatters.

My H2, named Alice, will not be getting an ECU flash for at least the next 2 years. To be brief, it's not needed, the stock power already requires ECU intervention to cut power during full power in 2nd 3rd and 4th, so harnessing stock power without power cuts will achieve more with less. That's the route I'm going + durability mods like intercooler so I can flog it endlessly without risk.

The big power Z and SX H2s are cool but...they have intake temps issues. I ran 94 miles in a little under 45 minutes at 100f air temps on one leg of the Spearfish trip. I wouldn't trust bikes like the 230whp+ Z/SX H2s with 250f+ inlet air temps to do that safely on 92 pump gas.
Haha thanks. Mufasa has work to do before retirement still. Retirement in this case, meaning cutting power back down to 220hp or so.

Things are developing to fulfill a goal I walked away from a few years ago.

You may just see the bike immortalized in history next year :sneaky:

I was thinking about your attempt at a land speed record the other day when reading what you had been up to and how it was progressing. I for one do miss your posts on this site and wealth ok knowledge when it came to tinkering with the rocket.

Good luck with your attempt.

Cheers from New Zealand
But mate, I just found you a finishing touch for Mufasa! ;) :cool::roll::roll::roll:
The whole 103 cm wide carved Ash timber top backboard with flanking lion profiles came off the cupboard with three screws and there are another 3 screws at rear to remove the carved wood lion head (18 cm wide x 16 cm high) from the board.

Despite quality wood carving It strangely does not match the rest of the carving of fruits and birds and makes the cupboard hard to fit in.

Yours for postage cost only.


I got to thinking how this place has changed. Not that change is necessarily a bad thing mind you, it's inevitable, but sometimes I miss some of the old crew and wonder where they have gone. Two things got me to thinking about this…

In a recent post a new member responded to someone from the "old school" about riding fast. I just had to laugh, thinking- you have absolutely no idea who you're talking to about speed.

Then, yesterday, I was working on the Roadster and ran into an issue. A quick search here turned up many hits on the topic posted “back in the day” by members I don’t see much here anymore.

scot in exile
Paul Bryant
many others……

Some captains still post, but just less often. Some have probably retired, or were banned ;-) and some, I’m afraid may have moved on from this life. Of course this is not a complete list - feel free to add to it, if you’d like….

I’ll close this little reminiscence with a post from 2013 that I read when I first became interested in the Rocket III. I didn’t understand half, or even that much, of what this guy was saying at the time, but it sure peaked my interest in the Rocket and led me to this group. Years later this fellow has helped me many many times.

A dollar to whoever identifies the poster first, or within the first few words…

Hey Royal. ___________ here, I built my own motor with components from other shops/ 11.8:1 compression pistons. 2 mm larger titatium intake valves 443 lift intake 425 exhaust all Carpenter racing components plus his CNC porting. I also added the Rotrex Supercharger and intercooler combination this bike has some pep but can be very dangerous so I detuned her down to around the target of 420 rwhp. Already blew one dyno up so I try to keep a low profile.

Your best bet is to stay NA so you do not have to fart around and worry aboutthe quality of gas at the pumps. Carpenter can give you plenty in the 240 to 270 hp range. The bike will leap out from undeer you so be carfeull. the have broke into the 8s with there 270 hp street machine. The question is how insane are you and is you life insurance up to date. The standard Stage one will pull low 9's and I bet with a good pilot high 8's yet still run on 87 octane pump gas all day long. If I woere to make a suggestion that would be the way I would go. she will pull over 200 mph if you can hold on……

Ok just my opinions and I am no expert. The turbos are to small and spool up to fast. This will screw pistons up that are not made for turbos. Also when you power dropps mine is still climbing. the turbo starts loosing its snoot around 5500 to 6000 I can not tell you when mine looses it because it had so much I had to take boost away My max boost stops a 9000 rpms. That and I wanted to tame it down a bit. I did not know if the tranny could handle 540+ hp helll I grenaded the internal clutch hub and bent the input transmition shaft shifting into fifth gear at 180 mph the torque was trememndess. If you want to freak yourself out have the engine and transmition lock up at 80 to 90 mph and keep it upright. The bike was all over the road and I was searching for a place I could jump the ditch and punch out in a yard if things were not going to fair out well. My suggestion is do not be a idiot like me you can put a turbine engine on a bike but it does not mean you can control it. Yes I was talking to god while this was happening. The only reason I think I lived is he was not ready for my opinion just yet. Or he figured He will wait for me to get a little more awnry and send me to hell to fuc with satian

Believe it or not there is such a thing as to much. I am serious if you went with the stage one Carpenter Silver back and could use all of first gear you are a MAN of MEN. it will leap out from underneath you. Anything else is just pissing money down the drain. Save the cash and do two Rockets then you can decide which bike you want to screw with. No V-maxes or any other sport bike in my area will even play with me anymore. The guy who owned the dyno I blew up will not let me on it anymore. Other Dyno operators are not being friendly either so you will loose a lot of fun. Now if your going to do soem LSR racing well then you just might want to go bonkers. I hope to but might have two more surgeries on top of the 4 I have had. ( Never work in a prison it can get dangerous believe me and not just for the thugs ) If you want to calll and talk about things that can and I have broke doing this insaine stuff go ahead I will PM you my phone number.

Now here is the most reality check that might help you. Bill Warner fastest sit up busa in the world 311+mph standing mile at Lorin Maine. Pulled wheelie at 265 mph at the texas mile slowed down to 235 mph before getting a close look at the track. He has not raced again since. But unlike others he did live so there is a good side to bad things. He broke some ribs punctured a lung broke a anckle. But says the worse is the blunt force trama to the body.

Serious you line up against a busa with a stage 1 beast. your off he hits his speed limiter at 186 mph you then smile and shift into fith gear. I ask you do you realy need any more then that? !/4 mile well thats different but if your not going to spend the mponey to lengthen the bike you will still be pulling the wheels up at the finish line which means you will be letting off the throttle. if you want any more then that one might think your crazy.
If so I have some ideas for you but will not be responsible for the funeral.

So in short I went over board but I had the blower first which was great, the only reason I added to it was because I knew I would not get the money back out of it if I tried to sell it. If Carpenter had their stuff out first thats where I would have went. With Na and no spray you do not have to worry about detonation and who are you going to find to make the next set of stronger head bolts that might hold the head down? Which is where I am at right now OEM studs are not the strongest and I got into soem cheap gas from a station and it detonated quicker then stink on crap. at 40 mph so I was not even getting on it. I think it was the summer/winter mix change or the cheap basturds ran out of premium and sunstituted 89 octane in the tank. I have figured out ways around it now but the fact is with NA you just don't have to worry unless you spray NOS.

Here is my Number I am happy to help anyone I can. the only thing I will not answer is anything about the new Triumph streamliner it is deamed Classified.

I retire at 10 pm central time during the work week.