Long Island Rocket ride


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Jun 28, 2007
New York NY USA
Hi All... My club does a lot of weekend rides and I was thinking of putting together a Long Island Rocket ride... Anyone interested in doing a Saturday or Sunday run on Long Island in the next few weeks? My friend Phil and I ride our Rocket III's all the time so that's 2 to get things going.

ok... never mind.



Young lady, it's not that none of us don't want to come, it's just that 99% of us live nowhere near Long Island and though I've been there many times I hear it's getting pretty costly to go there as far as tolls go. I was told the toll on the GW is outta sight and from there to the Island entails driving a nice bike through some rough terrain, mainly the E-way from the GW eastward to the Tri-Borough. I distinctly remember burned out and stripped cars along the shoulders, not somewhere I'd like to have a flat or anything else happen. I realize I could come down 1&9 in Jersey and either take the tunnel or the bridge, but I'd still have to deal with Manhattan and you and I know, that ain't pretty any time of the day or night.

I have some old friends that live in West Islip that I correspond with on a regular basis but if I visited them, I'd fly in and rent a car. I'd never consider riding a bike there for the above reasons.

New York City and the Island is a whole different world apart from where we are in the south, west, Midwest and mid east. Even though 911 galvanized this country and united it's people, most people don't have the faintest idea how life is east of the Hudson River and don't really want to find out. Even city dwellers don't want to leave their parent city and country folks disdain city life. I live 70 miles south of Detroit, Michigan and I personally know more than one person who lives in my area that has never been to Detroit in their lifetime and have no desire to go there.

Just as you welcomed us to come there, we extend the same welcome for you and your companions to come here. Follow the threads concerning our next Rockets Across America as they unfold and come ride with us. In all actuality, you'll probably be closer to the destination than some Rocketeers will be, where ever that destination is.

In no way do I want the above to be contrived as an insult . On the contrary. We all ride something, The Rocket 3. It's what binds us all together as brothers with a common denominator. We all extend the same invitation you extend. It's equidistant for you to come this way as it is for us to go that way. Besides, a long ride in the country can do wonders for your frame of mind.
Flipper is right. I don't think we have a lot of registered members from Long Island, but hopefully we will get some on here.

I do believe AAAUUUGA that hangs out on T Rat lives in Long Island, you might look him up.
Sorry Georgia, I'm still rubbing the Nashville return trip (14 1/2 hours) off my butt. I think the trip your way would be twice as long anyway. I hope for "you" a good time & a safe one as well.

Please don't get discouraged by the lack of responses to your post, you'll find it happens lots of times. Flip is right! Not many Rocket owners close enough to you to get involved.

We still haven't see pics of the new paint job on your space ship. That is always enjoyable to see what concept other riders are after.

Keep us up on all that "you" are enjoying while on the Rocket. That is what we like to read about when we can't be a part of the action.

See ya.