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Feb 25, 2006
This week, instead of heading off halfway across the State we decided to stay in town and hit a few of the local motorcycle shops. First up was Engle Motors, the same folks that were featured in the latest edition of Torque Magazine. I got to meet Mr. Norman Jones, the owner, along with his son and grandson. His grandson rides a D675 (the only one they had on hand, the rest were sold...) Norman is a great guy who truely loves what he does. He went over my Rocket with a fine tooth comb checking out accessories he hadn't seen installed before. He was very interested in the Mad Doggies.... first time he had seen or heard those.. They also carry BMW motorcycles, so this is a shop that many of you folks would find very interesting.

They did have a Scrambler... they had sold 4 already and didn't know if they would get anymore anytime soon.

I think my Rocket was bigger than this Mini that pulled in...

They had these two leftover BMW cruisers if anyone is interested.. Yikes!!

Next up was a place Called Alter Ego cycle... This is more or less an aftermarket retailer for mostly Harley stuff. They did have some universal windshields that looked like with a little bit of work they would fit up to the Rocket, two of which were only about $100 and were handlebar mount so you wouldn't need a front end fixing kit. They also had a decent selection of mirrors that would work on our bikes also.

Then it was off to Hub Cycle, they had some Harley stuff but had much more along the lines of Metric crusier accessories. They had a large wall of helmets also. Lots of usefull things like rain suits, gloves, all that good stuff. You could spend a lot of money in there.

Next stop... Blue Springs Harley Davidson... continued below.

We didn't know this but Blue Springs Harley was having an open house. They had a BBQ tent set up, group test rides, and the Harley traveling museum was there....

When we first pulled in we had a few people come right up to us and asked about the Rockets. One guy... who was very clean cut and wearing a Hawian shirt and completely covered with tatoos started telling us about a guy who was on one of the test rides crossed over into oncoming traffic and hit a van head on. Killed instantly. That didn't stop the test rides though. I heard about it on the news last night and I wonder if he was really part of the test ride group.

They had a late model Ford car there as an attraction...

They had quite a few V Rods inside... they look like little kids bikes to me. Actually they are kind of crude. If you look at them closely they use things like the huge shunt key ignition switches they use on the big twins... but they are mounted on the side... just doesn't look right. We saw a guy and his girlfriend/wife? sitting in one of the business offices trying to buy a bike, and they just told him what his monthly payments would be and he has freaking out. Let's see, if I borrow $30 grand for 60 months at 8.9% its HOW MUCH???????

With that we called it a day, but before we left we had a some guys come over and wanted to know if one of them could sit on my bike. He was pretty short and wondered if my Corbin seat would make a difference. I told him sure... just be careful and swing your leg over the Beetles so you don't scuff them with your boots. He says he will be very careful, swings his leg over and kicks the Beetle bag leaving a large mark it the right one. Sigh.... It did polish out later...


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These guys had at least 200 bikes to sell, and this isn't even the dealer I was talking about in the other thread. They have a lot of product to move...

And with that we decided to leave and call it a day...

Brian did scare the crap out of some little kid on a Ricer sport bike. He turned off into a gas station to get away from us..:eek: I think he had to turn his shorts inside out...
Hondax... you can go out any time you like!!! I don't ride a bunch during the week, if I'm lucky I can ride to work. But even then.. I have to haul parts around sometimes which excludes using the Rocket...

Scott.. I liked that color scheme... thats why I put it up there... they had a Tribal also..

Its just my opinion... but the Tribal thing is getting a little outdated...
Nice thread Tommo... I must head over to Deusexmachine and take some pics to post for you guys!

I had a great 200mile ride out of Sydney and through our Blue Mountains and out to our somewhat famous Jenolan Caves. What a great ride with a great bunch of guys and gals. I was the only Rocket and even in our group (especially the ladies) I got a lot of compliments on the bike.

One guy on a Suzy GXR 1000 playe dboy racer with me and I left him for dead, though I doubt he was pushing the bike to its limit... More his limit was being pushed! Anyway, blow me... I didn't take a camera! Next time :rolleyes:
started telling us about a guy who was on one of the test rides crossed over into oncoming traffic and hit a van head on. Killed instantly. That didn't stop the test rides though. I heard about it on the news last night and I wonder if he was really part of the test ride group.

Here is the news story:

Kansas man dies in crash on R.D. Mize
By The Examiner staff
A man who was taking a demo drive on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle died in a collision in Independence Saturday morning.
It happened about 10 a.m. at R.D. Mize and Bittersweet roads, on the border with Blue Springs. According to police reports, a 58-year-old Paola, Kan., man was northbound on the motorcycle on R.D. Mize when he crossed the center line and struck a southbound van driven by an Independence man. The rider, who was wearing his helmet, was flown to an area hospital where he died.
An Independence police officer talks with the driver of a van that collided with a motorcycle Saturday morning on R.D. Mize Road. The driver of the motorcycle was taken by air ambulance to a local trauma hospital, where he died.
The driver of the van was wearing his seat belt and was not injured. Both drivers were alone.
The driver of the van did not want to comment at the scene, only showing concern for the motorcycle rider, who was taking part in a Blue Springs Harley Davidson demonstration ride. Blue Springs Harley officials did not comment at the scene.

Jeff Stead/The Examiner
Now if that ain't somethin'??? Wouldn't you think that after one fatality you would call off the rest of the test rides? I guess not :eek:, because when we arrived later that afternoon they were still going on. One less V Rod, but what a way to do it... A moment of silence for a guy who just wanted to have a little fun........
Yeah it's terrible to hear about bikers biting the dust. There must be more that can be done to prevent test rides from becoming traffic fatalities..... :(

My wife reads all cycle accidents to me that she comes across. I never knew this morbid side of her.......she thinks it gets me to be more caution, but really I'm compiling a list of clinics to send her too!:eek: :)

Why are we typing in large colored print............:confused: