HitchDoc RIII offering


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Nov 25, 2006
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HitchDoc.com has a hitch for the stock RIII. They've one for the bagger and another for plain janes. They quoted $347 + shipping.

They have no addtional pics, at this time. One without the bags would be nice. Re: "stock RIII", meaning no mods to the turn signals location.
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That won't work without the bags. They are using the bag rails to mount the hitch which is all right I guess. Go take a gander at your rails and tell me if you'd consider pulling a trailer behind using the bag frames factoring in the R3's acceleration......:eek:

It does look better than Darron's cobbled up hitch mount. His looks like a bumper on a county fair demolition derby car.......
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Come on Flip, say what you really mean. You seriously think that mass is hooked up to some spindly bag rails? They no doubt bolt them up in the same manner; except the bolt kits are longer for the bag rails, don't you imagine;) I will get clarification. And I believe Darron's rig works for him; and, a lot cheaper than $350 + S&H. Come-on, be happy...put some leather fringe grips and a chrome boat prop on the fat bottom girl:D

How's the Flipmeister Clamps bidness duin? I sure like my bling. How about them new NC State Drivers Licenses. The coming New World Order, ain't it distasteful.

The black trike is pretty tasteful. Honestly, I'd want some clarifaction on exactly how the hitch mounts. From the picture it sure looks like it's the bag rails is where they mounted the hitch and other than the rear shock mounts there is really nowhere you can structurally mount a it. The R3 because the engine is a stressed member of the frame, lacks a tailframe. That's why the seat sits on a seat pan which in turn sits directly on the fender. My Bonnie has a tailframe and the seat resides on the frame with the fender under that. That tailframe also provides a mount point for the shocks and the grab rail. Your sissy bar and rear rack on the R3 mount to the upper shock mount and get their strength from that. My concern is with the torque the R3 produces, that equates into quite a bit of drawbar pull and a lot of stress on the upper shock mount even though it looks like the company used the bag rails but the bag rails ultimately mount to the shock mounts anyway. There aren't a lot of options back there and that's probably the very reason Triumph will void any warranty if a hitch of any kind is installed. It states that very plainly in the owners manual.

There are a lot of stresses associated with pulling a trailer besides straight line pull.
Well **** fire...I don't take mine in for 500m check-up and the warranty is already subject to void. They gotcha by the short hairs from the start. I'm going to follow up on this...What you say is all reasonable. Looking at the beef of it in the side panels I imagine, and that might be a long stretch, the forward attachment manner has got to be stout. I agree, the torque and "get up and went" grunt, will twist and turn to $4it a lesser mount than Darron's. Make one and let's lower the cost with competition:D

Hideous: Look at some of their many set-ups and some will make you sick. Others are surely of the same beef as the fugly arrangements. The piss-poor pic they sent me doesn't disclose much...that's a shame.
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I could very easily fabricate a hitch platform for the Rocket or any other bike for that matter and then build it here in my shop but there is a consuming problem and that is the inherent liability. Hitches, especially when used against the wishes of the OEM garner an acute liability problem not only with personal injury but with mechanical injury.

The last paragraph in my instructions for the FlipMeister Stainless Brake Line Clamps isn't there because I wanted to take up space on the page and dazzle everyone with my legal expertise, it's there to protect me from the liability dragon.

That's the very reason why so much of the 'bling' we buy seems overpriced. It's the aftermarket manufacturer hedging himself against the possibility of a debilitating lawsuit.

Some items have a lower liability level and some higher. Hitches, performance enhancements, handlebars and exhaust systems are at the high end of the liability scale, an area I have no desire whatsoever to explore.