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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Have been waxing the Green Machine with Nu Finish for the last two years, the polymer-based and wax-less (sic) polish which I bought in the US last time I went there. An easy and spectacular "wet" shine. Long-lasting, too. The only problem with it? Those inevitable smears on the frame, around the tank and the side covers. Granted, there's a small print note on the bottle that says: " do not use on vinyl, metalized plastic (...) or flat paint". The question is: How can I get rid of those whitish smears. I have tried soap and water, with a fair amount of rubbing, Turtle Wax "minute cleaner" and even white spirit. But they come back. THANKS.

Try some "Brake Cleaner" available at auto parts stores. Not all brake cleaner is the same... some is based on perk (drycleaning fluid) and some is based of heptane. Test whatever you get on a small hard to see spot before you slosh it all over the place. Some brake cleaner will attack plastic. Most is harmless on chrome and paint.
As an ex-user of Nu-Finish I can say that "Glare Polish" is a big step above Nu-Finish.

Her3tic comments(quotes) here: http://www.r3owners.net/showthread.php?t=755&page=4&highlight=glass+plexin that "Glare Polish" leaves no white film. Honestly I can't confirm because I'm so careful not to "wax" textured surfaces.

Re-reading the entire thread Jamie will be very informative,...IMHO:)
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Jamie, Not to be a smart ass but don't get It where you shouldn't in the first place, even If you have to use a bit of masking tape. Jack

Another good one Jamie.tehe Now u check out that chantix like a good boy. Ask your doc. about it. You'll be glad u did.
The chemicals in Nu-Finish have permanently damaged or discolored areas on my Z71. I've not used Nu-Finish for quite some time. Not that it doesn't perform as advertised but that warning is meant to be adhered to. I'd rather drop a brick on my toe than wax vehicles. So I admit looking for the easy way out: I'm not able to report yet on the 5 year polish, (Glass Plexin) Glare Polish performing as advertised. Remind me in 4.75 years:D

Sorry that's no comfort. I don't believe you're going to be able to restore the sheen. Unless perhaps Glare will do it. I reported a while back on my first impressions of Glare Polish. The saddle rub on the tail of the fuel tank was totally eliminated with a single meaningful application.
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Don't know if this helps, but i've used Mothers Bumper Black to do away with the with wax residue that sometimes gets on black plastic trim and black frame rails. This stuff is made to bring back faded black bumpers and trim to a nice semi-gloss shine. It does a heck of a job covering up errant wax smears. The stuff is basically coloress, so i'm not sure how it will react to colored painted trim. It's available at most any auto parts store. Bigern
nu finish

Guys..just a point of view from a paint guy here. Nu Finish among other "polishes" of this type contain silicone additives that imbed themselves into the existing finish of the bike. If you ever decide to re-paint, they can make life hell on the painter. These type products tend to create fish eye and other potential adhesion issues when refinishing metals. Not that Im saying you should avoid them, but they have created issues for many in the past. The best thing to use if you are going to use a "wax" is good old quality carnuba waxes or other non silicone based products....rant over...Todd