Have you seen this one!?!

The specifications at the end of the article are wrong. Says 84psi boost. Should be 8.4 psi which really ain't much. My diesel pickup makes over 30 psi completely spooled up. Ain't no pop off on that sucker. You just spool it up tight and burn that soya-diesel.

It's a nice bike but at 11,000 euros it ain't a cheap conversion. I suspect Hombre's is less, carbon wheels and all. I don't care for the slab like heat shields. They are about aesthetically pleasing as an over ripe banana and I see the air intake for the hairdryer is in the TTS position, right out in the rain.

Finally, you don't need no stink'in mufflers. The turbo breaks up the sound waves. Stick on a length of black pipe and run her.........
I was going to say the same. 84PSI is wrong. My dinky car is only 18psi. The heat shields look a little cobbled together.
haha. Was it my slightly sideways ball cap, popped collar polo shirt, khaki shorts, and non-tied tennis shoes?

Those are 2.5 liters now anyway. :p

I have a Mazda3. I also embarrass my wife as I tend to favor cars from my aforementioned age demographic. The younger import kids think I'm a narc.