Greetings from Florida


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Nov 15, 2006
Worthington Springs Florida
Name is Terry, am presently riding an 05 Black Rocket III. I live near Worthington Springs Florida. Also have a 99 Valkyrie Interstate and the wife rides a 98 Valk Standard. When she just wants to ride and not drive, we ride the Valk, otherwise I take the hot rod.
Merry Christmas and Welcome T-Bolt...

I'ma transplanted Floridian... born and raised in Jacksonville. You'll find a lot of valuable information on this board.
Nice to have the pair of you join us. Never heard of the place but I know if I look it up I probably been thru it once. Merry Holidays and Welcome.
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Welcome TBolt. I spent many a year in Ft. Myers. I miss the warmth this time of year but I don't miss the hurricanes the other part of the year.

Jump in often and post a picture or two of the toys.
Welcome Thunderbolt,

My bro-in-law in Tx had a Valk Interstate that had over 240k miles on it when he sold it
this year. It still looked brand new. He's now on a hardley ultra but still longs for his old
Valk. Lately though, he's obsessed with putting mods on his hardly so that he can keep up
with me. yeah, right...

Anyway, welcome again to the board.