Got my recall notice in the post today.....

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Jul 16, 2006
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Well, it finally came. I think I'll tuck it away with the owners manual under the seat and forgetaboutit.

Now, if I got a recall notice for the Torsional Damper Unit or the lower timing sprocket that would be another story....................:)

It says on the notice to take it to my dealer for the upgrade. I don't have a dealer anymore so I guess it is okay that I forgetaboutit. (Dealer went tits up last year).
Mine Showed Up

I got the service bulletin 386 recall letter yesterday afternoon but I've only had the engine quit once in 30 months and it always idles at 400-500 rpm. I'll take my chances and enjoy the Tuneboy Tune.
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I have just posted on another thread that I have a newer tune than the 386. Had it put in on Nov 14 and was told they had it only a week. Bike runs and idles great
Got my recall notice yesterday, but had the 386 "fix" done two weeks ago. My Rocket has never stalled on me--especially now after the 386 fix--it idles at 3500-4000rpm. Dealer is really scratching his head:mad: