Aug 14, 2006
Mount Carmel Illinois
I have a question for you fuel injection guys. My last bike had carbs and for the winter I would put stabilizer in the tank and run it a while to distribute the stabil to the carbs. I was wondering if I need to run the Rocket to distribute the stabil through the FI system?
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Feb 25, 2006
It wouldn't hurt anything if you are going to put the bike away for a long time over the winter... Fill the tank up also, the oxygen from a half filled tank is what helps to break the fuel down. If the tank is full... very little air is in there.

Not a bad idea to air up the tires and charge the battery every once in awhile either. A fresh oil change gets the nasty acids out so they don't eat away at things.

If you are like me... you keep hauling the thing out and ride it every time the temp gets over 50F....

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Jul 16, 2006
20150 Mc Carty Rd. Deerfield, Michigan 49238
I always used to put stabil in my snowmobiles and I still put it in the lawnmowers but the bikes stay in my heated shop all winter and I, like Tom get them out and ride them when I can. If I can't due to weather, I at least start and warm them up every week.

I had a couple of friends that used Stabil in their sleds and wound up with gummed up carbs. I think I'd drain the fuel and run it dry then fog the inside of the fuel tank before I used stabil owing to my friends experience with their sleds. I've never had a problem with the lawnmower but I do add some B12 Chemtool in the spring upon startup.
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