For Sale Freeflow crossover pipe - Viking Exhaust $325 shipped

Walking Tall

.020 Over
Sep 25, 2018
So Cal
2018 Phantom Black R3R
I have the black crossover pipe from Paul Bryant that has been on my Roadster since May 2019.

Paid $405 and looking to get $350 (shipping included in the continental U.S.). I'll add a photo of the actual pipe soon, but other than cosmetic changes from being in use for just 5 months on the bike, there is no difference in performance from a brand new one.

View attachment 80608

I also have...

Stock Headers
Stock Mufflers

prices TBD- let me know if you're interested.
Does anyone know if Paul Bryant is still offering his crossover pipe? I emailed him and haven't heard back.
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