First oil change in the "Shade of a Tree" (literally)


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey guys, this is for those who have done their own oil change because they would have first hand experience. And, as usual, I hope the answers assist other captains in understanding what they should expect if they choose to do the same.

I drained the main case and got about a cup or two (8 to 16 oz) of oil "short" of a gallon from that cavity. Then the front sump and filter (very close to each other so ...) and got about a cup or two "more" than a half gallon (I drained the filter real good to get a close measure). Then on to the rear sump. Maybe 2 table spoons full is all. So, add it up and I got the recommended volumn out of the beast, approximately 6 quarts.

Why so little out of the rear sump? I even lifted the front tire off the ground (remember I have my centerstand contraption from months back) and put a "2 by" under it to rock the beast to the rear to assure the oil in the cavity ran back toward the drain hole. Is this small amount of oil from the rear sump cavity typical?


I have done three or four changes, and never gotten much out of the rear sump. The amount of used oil collected seems to be dead on.
Rusty the Rocket uses a dry sump lub system, the majority of the oil is stored in the oil tank not the sump,once you drain the oil tank about two litres of oil will still be in the sump removing the front and rear drain plugs will remove the two litres. be very careful with installing the drain plugs heard some horrer storys about guys stripping them. Download the Rocket 111 manual some pretty interesting material in it.:D
Correct me if I am wrong but I think the drain plugs changed in the sump plate mid-way '05. So the manual may not be correct for everyone.