Final Sydney ride a blast!


.060 Over
Mar 7, 2006
Sydney, Australia
The weather looked promising before the fog rolled in on us. But as we climbed up into the mountains the skies cleared. It was cold though... around 40 degrees F/ 5 Celcius... Psydone won the ironman award for refusing to wear gloves (And no he doesn't have heated grips!). Unfortunately one of our Captains had a problem with loose bars and his tank got dinged. But that is his storey if he wishes to tell.

The riders were Mav, Psydone, JD, Ice T and myself. The mighty Red beast is back on the road after I threatened the dealer if he didn't take a clutch lever off a bike sitting on the showroom floor... he had a brake lever shipped overnight instead of a clutch lever! DOH!! Anyway he complied and apart from a bent gear shifter (which rather suits my riding style and makes it easier to change gears anyway) the bike is running well with the triple unifilters.

About 200kays out of Sydney, just as Mav was leading us to a pub for lunch, JD's bike shat itself and decided that 5th gear was the best gear and that would do! It looks like the gear shaft is broken so he was stuck in top gear!

A couple of beers, a nice lunch, some BS and a photo op... Iceman decided to head for the hills and run his grey R3 around Mt Panorama race curcuit. Mav took off home as he hadn't seen his missus for three weeks and psydone and I ran shotgun for JD who rode home in top gear back over some hairy mountain passes and through villages, back into Sydney... running red lights, but all the way home nevertheless. I challenge any other bike to take off in fifth gear and drive 200 kays (around 125 miles) without stalling once!!

Anyway it was another adventurous ride. Where was Robyyy??? Probably still hung over from Thursday night. Buckets didn't show either and Bronco gave his apologies. But guys... You missed a great chance to ride some of the best roads around Sydney... twisties, open sweepers and enough bull**** to feed a garden! Maybe next time!
That sounds like a great ride but I feel sorry for JD. Whot happened? I had the 10 mm nut come loose on my gearshift linkage but found it (luckily) before it all fell apart. That could cause the smae problem depending what gear it was in... Hopefully its nothing serious.

Let's see this photo op!!!
Pretty impressive a 5th gear nonstop ride. I bet that added some adventure to the ride. Maybe we could start the Rocket Olympics and have that be an event.
Good one pigR... JD had to run a few red lights while Psydone and I blocked for him... It was like a game of Gridiron! Offensive, defensive :D There were a few pissed off motorists who thought we were doing this for fun!

When we stopped for fuel, psydone needed 23.6 litres in a 24 litre tank! JD needed only 19.5 litres running in fifth gear and I needed 22.5 litres! So it pays to leave your Rocket in top gear guys if you want to save fuel :rolleyes:
PS, At about 23 litres pray for a long downhill to the next servo, I basically rolled her most of the way, trying to start her in places and back firing like a mother
Thanks guys.
Minor problem (as long as said bolt doesn't choose to wedge in the gears somewhere
That was sitting in the back of my mind the hole way home.
I dropped the bike off at the dealers today.They said it is a warranty job which is good.I also mentioned that they look at the clutch since it copped a fair trimmem on they way back to Steves
I also brought to there attention that my bike had been sucking dust from new,and took him in the air intakes that I removed at Stevereds place to prove the point(he was a bit surprised)He kept the parts to show the mechanics.
Fingers crossed they might even through a new set of rings in to be safe.