Filter for Temps sensor


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Aug 13, 2007
Gooday all looking to do the triple K&n set up with the RU 2780s.
What is the part number for a filter to cover oxygen sensor and are most folk placing it near the main throttle body filters. Was planning to leave bear claw on.
Also did most of you remove all the plastic tubing through to original airbox and is it a fiddly job.
By the way can report on the Japanese slip on mufflers for the Rockect. They are very good quality and are quite short showing a lot of back wheel. Very deep rumble similar to jardines only a little deeper. Quality exceeds anything I have seen to date. Ie jardines and maddogs.
They also come with bolt in silencers that make bike as quiet as stock in under 5 mins
Cheers Mav
O2 sensor information

Re the above questions found the answers on the other site.
Finally a few questions for the tuning gurus here particularly Pig9 or Dougl.
I was going to try your 20145 tune modded with pc111 data just listed in Trading tunes. I see that you have the O2 sensor box unchecked.
Is it important to uncheck this sensor. Decel pop has never worried me to much. I ride at sea level but do some rides up to 6000 feet above sea level. Would the bike run on the rich side with the O2 sensor unchecked. Will it trim out the data from the PC111 that you added or just the fuel added in the L tables to counter decel popping if I leave the O2 sensor active.
Thanks in advance for the great information foreth coming from you guys.
Regards Mav
Mav68, you want to disable the O2 sensor. When you open Tunedit when connected to the bike you will have to tell it to disable the sensor, it can't necessarily be programed into the tune, because once connected it will show whether or not your O2 sensor is disabled.

Use K&N 62-1560 for the air/temp sensor and 62-1330 or 1340 for the crankcase breather.