Exhaust header pipe options?


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Aug 29, 2007
Durham, NC
I can't believe that I'm already looking into performance options, while I have yet to buy the bike.
Anyway, looking at the header pipe on the rocket, it does not strike me as designed for performance. (I'm also confident that the bike does not really need an increase in performance).
Nonetheless, are there any aftermarket headers available?
Now that looks sexy! What do these long headers do for your top end?

Seriously, I like it a lot. do you have a sound clip at all?
bought a sony cam corder to do sound file and am having real problems trying to get it onto the putr.

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that's one of some 205 dyno runs at this point. p9r recently set me up with some timing changes and had it re mapped. talk about wicked. i've done the jars/cat stuff etc and that's what started this whole thing.
as jimmy from the .com and others there that have ridden my bike would tell you , dyno numbers are one thing , riding it is a whole nother story... "scary fast" is how i believe jimmy termed it. buddy with a duccati called it "disturbing" :D within the next few weeks ill have a set for demo purposes.. pg9r gets them first and then ill be sending them out .
as a side note , these being 304 stainless through out and ceramic coated... i believe sidecar was saying his stock header temped at 1100 when he noticed it glowing one night.. the red bike "jolly's form .com" temped at 160....
owl from .com tempted them on their recent bike run. bikes run for miles then left idling. jollys temped at 160.... i have no problem riding mine in shorts and mine aren't even ceramiced.

your set up looks the best and the dyno sheet was impressive. how do i purchase a set ?

what is the sound level. we use a intercom system to talk, will it drown it out ?

Preds sound file

Regardless of the equipment used it's never going to to them justice.