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Aug 11, 2006
Has anyone had experience with both types of engine guards (Rivco or Triumph) for the Rocket 3. The Triumph brand sticks out farther, any problem with cornering? Do the Rivco ones protect enough? Which one is stronger, or are they about the same.
Bars & Bars

I understand that the Triumph branded "tip over" (not crash, that's a dirty word) bars are somewhat flimsy whereas the Rivco bars are more sturdy. Interestingly, my dealer told me they prefered the Triumph branded tip over bars over the Rivco ones because the Rivco bars required more playing with to get them to fit. I think that's BS myself. I don't have either set but will this winter along with the rear bars, and, when I install the set I choose, if they seem wimpy, I've already devised a cure to strengthen them so that's not a problem......Winter time is "bling" time.:)
"Somewhat flimsy" aptly decribes the Triumph bars. Triumph says it's by design, though. In other words, they would cushion the impact (and thus bend) as opposed to transmitting it straight to the bike's frame. Which, IMO, is a reasonable explanation. BUT the Triumph bars are known to develop little cracks in the welded areas (discussed at length on Triumph Rat Net, several months ago). Friend of mine has gone through two sets already because of such cracks, without ever tipping the bike over. Replaced under warranty. No question asked. But the third set does not show any visible reinforcement:confused:
Rivco bars admittedly much stronger (and, as with all Rivco products designed for the Rocket, installation is reportedly a piece of cake) but, unless Rivco has changed the initial design, they are not compatible with the OEM alarm box.

Hope this helps (or does not confuse;)). Jamie
G'day Jamie:

This winter I'll be in the shop fiddling around and along with a Cat eliminator, I'm going to be fiddling around with a modification to both the Rivco bars and the Triumph bars that will strengthen them appreciably and you can install to an existing set with hand tools.

My goal with the Cat eliminator as well as the modification is to fabricate them and market them at a reasonable price....too many of the acessories for these bikes are out of reach for "mortal men".:D
I put on Rivco front tip over bars myself and when the directions are followed it's a piece of cake. Start to finish it took just under 45 minutes.
Rivco's don't protrude as far as Triumphs and are more rigid than Triumphs original design,...I like that. However Triumph strengthened there offering with a redesign but still is not as rigid as Rivco nor did they intend them to be. Both are "Tip over" not "crash" bars, but heard Rivco's have survived low speed drop and slides.
As far as Rivco's breaking off where mounted to the engine block in a crash I can't say but my gut tells me the tubing will bend before the mounting breaks the block. I prefer the sleeker look of the Rivco's and the more solid mounting. Rivco's have zero issues with cracking or chrome quality, the best of my knowledge.
As Jamie stated the Rivco's are not compatible with OEM alarm boxes unless you modify. but I'm not familiar with mod needed.:)
I have the Rivco bars and found them to be easy to install. Like Hondax, took me about 45 min. total start to finish. IMO - I think the bars would bend before they would break off at he mounts. Very good design. I've had them now for about six months, and no visible problems with the finish. Good quality.
I have the Triumph bars and they have have been used.The advantage of the extra width is to protect the wide handle bars.Don't know if the Rivco' will do that.:confused: