.060 Over
Aug 11, 2006
I Have an extra ECU for an 06' R3 classic that supposed to be good. Should there be any problem if I just plug it in to try it out to make sure it works ok? Originally the dealer said they couldn't acces it but Wayne from Tune Boy could access it and said it was ok, he sent it back to me and I want to try it out. Its a $600 ECU thats good. If it works ok, would be willing to sell it. Have no need for 2
Make sure you remove the new ECU and mount the old one to the bike. If it works why don't you have the dealer take the new one back since the old one wasn't smoked in the first place? Why did it need to be replaced in the first place? Good luck selling it.:rolleyes:
Before you swap ECU's be sure and disconnect both battery cables, negative first.

I guess a spare ECU with a completely different set of tunes in it might be useful. Have one set up for touring and the other for the strip. It would take ten minutes to swap them out.