Dream machine toy ride


Apr 25, 2006
I attended the local toy ride today, for helping out needy kids with Christmas presents. It was hot as heck, and I got my face sunburned. It brought in about 275 bikes of all types and all kinds of riders. I only saw one other rocket three besides mine. I will post a few pics in my album. Rademis
Good for you.........

Good for you. It's a great thing to be charitable at Christmas time. Amy and I, especially Amy play Santa for Grandparents raising grand children every year. She gets a Christmas list from the Department of Human Services and goes out and buy toys for the kids and play's Ms. Santa. It makes her feel good and I'm very proud of that. There are loads of needy, deserving kids out there and it don't hurt for any of us to be in a giving mood this time of year.

No, I'm ot giving my bling away. None of you guys are needy. Maybe a little seedy but not needy.:D

I do have about 50 gallons of used motor oil that I'll be more than happy to divide up between all you guys though. Got a couple dead batteries and some bald tires to throw in too.