Paul Hyland

Dec 29, 2006
League City TX
My bike goes in for its 500 Friday and the tech. said the new tune is ready. He said they got a bulletin that they are to load it into any rockets coming in for service. He said it's not a recall. He said it will improve performance. Has anyone seen this tune and if so will it improve it or restrict it. If it is for the popping on decell like he told me last week and if they are reaching the full it will help performance but I am still leery. I hope they don’t mess with my power!
Any input. I asked to see the tune but he said he doesn't think it is posted any were. Any insight guy's?:confused:
I think these new tunes mainly address the idle problem... stalling when hot. They have raised the idle to 850 rpm's or so. The rest of it is mostly unchanged. I haven't tried it so I can't say for certain :eek:.

Still a little :confused: he said it was new and it was for the decel poping, he didn't say anything about Idle.
I have all stock on bike including cat box should I still ask for the 20150. Or should I try this new tune out. All this computer stuff is giving me a head ach.

Bear with me a second. You suggested 20150, but I have the cat, shouldn't I use 20145 or are they close enough and I would benefit (more power) with the 20150.
Also is this new tune I have been talking about on this chart?? And if not how would I find out and what and if not what questions should I ask to make sure it wont restrict my power.
Doe’s the secondary 100% open mean more or less power???
Sorry if I seem slow I'm use to replacing the exhaust re-jetting and maybe boring for more power all this computer stuff is beyond me. Looks like I need to get studying
Sorry I thought the cat box was gone.... try 20145. I have looked at the new versus the old tunes and haven't found any fueling differences as far as decel popping goes. The only difference I saw was the idle. Wayne from Tuneboy confirmed the same.
Probably the 20050 tune. Actually I think the dealer has to load it as part of the set up procedure. There seems to be no difference power wise as far as secondary throttle plate positions, ignition and fueling.