Broken throttle cable


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Aug 13, 2007
Just back from a long charity ride weeknd in snowy mountains Australia with 2800 bikes. I went away with a group of 7 Yamaha warriors. Anyway on way there ended up on a back road and was running with lead Warrior and went to overtake him at his top speed 115mph and bloody throttle cable broke just as I pulled out and gassed it. Anyway 2 hour wait for a recovery truck to come out from nearest city which was Canberra Australia's Capitol 30 mile away. Lucky only one set of cables to be found in the place. Anyway replaced with my assistance in around 20minutes.

My bike 2005 model with 15,000 miles. The cable broke right at the end where it does a 90degree bend inside the throttle housing. It is a 3 min job with a philips head scew driver to check and I will be definitely be checking every year or so. Could of been wait interstate for a cable to be sent.
I endoured some major ribbing from the Yamaha group over the rest of the weekend especially the Warrior I was over taking at the time.
Anyway he got his "come uppence" the following day at 139mph GPS when I showed him the back wheel big time. They did ease up then.
Guys definitely check your cable. I bet no stealer does inside the throttle and the cable does a tight bend around the grip and will break in that spot every time.
Cheers Mav68
Hey mav68, I'm a member over at and checked the aussie section for posts on your ride and found a video of you guys coming by. Check about 27 seconds into the video there is a Rocket, I figured it had to be you. Here's a link to the video it was posted by Tosh. Looks like a good time was had by all, sorry for the cable, but hey that's the breaks:D. I post over there under the name The_Cadfather, gotta be a member there to really see anything.
Yeah thanks. I post on that one too. Got a few mates ride Warriors. Good weekend had by all. They are a top bunch of blokes who take pride in their bikes and have customised them alot in looks and performance. But as a wise man once told me " There is no replacement for displacement"
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