Living Legend
Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
Just letting you guys know that I am making another motorcycle trip to Nashville (actually to Clarkesville...45 miles further north) for the weekend.

This time, however, I am taking the Gold Wing to see how it does on a trip. I've had it since November 30th 2005 and this will be the longest it has been out on the road, thought it was only fair as I took the Classic up in July to our meeting there at the time.

I do know one thing/advantage I'll be enjoying on the way up and back...80 watts of stereo thru 6 speakers, so maybe the time will fly by a little faster.

Will be stopping by a guitar factory also while I am there (not Gibson).
Dennis, smile and wave when you come through Chattanooga, I'll try and get a picture.:D Ride safe it can be a nice ride to Clarksville, I made it many times when I was stationed there at Ft. Campbell, KY.
Out of the way

Sorry, CADFather, I will not be going by way of Chattanooga as I am coming up on I-65 thru Montgomery and Huntsville from Pensacola/Molino.
But there is always the next trip...Chattanooga is closer than Clarkesville.
I'm sorry I was mistaken and thought that you were in Florida proper and were coing up I-75. Come on up to Chatt town anytime you like, we can always hit some local rides to some very interesting places, Jack Daniels Distillery, Tail of the Dragon, Cherohola Skwy all come to mind and are all easily day rides from here.