1. Joesmoe

    **SOLD** - Mutazu top box/trunk

    Not this one; just like it, with the backrest. Clamps easily to the OEM rack. Topbox / Trunk This is the item: Mutazu DB Series Trunk Deep Cherry Pearl You may note on their web site that all the trunks are shown with the spoiler-looking add-a-light, and mine does NOT have that. You may...
  2. Loanstar

    Mutazu Hard Bags - Signal Relocation

    Hi all, So I am probably going to order some Mutazu bags for my R3 and paint them to match. I emailed Mutazu to ask a few questions and they suggested that I would need to relocate my rear signals to make the bags fit. I am planning on the MU bags. MUTAZU Motorcycle Trunks I think for the...
  3. gwilliams290

    Mutazu Rear Box

    I'm in the process of mounting a Mutazu trunk box. MUTAZU Motorcycle Trunks I've got about $150 in the new box with the "deluxe" rider back rest pad. Matching paint will be about $200 and I had the back rest pad recovered for $25. The boxes are plastic and not fiberglass. I like the size very...
  4. rainman

    wiring a mutazu trunk

    just got a trunk for sweetttennbabe and lookin for the best way to hook up the lights for it without splicing the wires if possib it is a mutazu trunk thanks
  5. G

    Mutazu Saddle Bags- looking for pics

    Looking for pics of Mutazu Bags on RIIIs. Are you happy with them? Thanks G-smitty
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