1. Wade'sWorld

    Hello from the Midwest

    Hi there folks, I have been out of the cycle world for a few years, but the call of the "knees in the breeze" is back. I have read many things on the forum and YouTube about the R111. The wife and I are going to look at a 2017 Roadster with Abs this weekend. Any suggestions on questions I...
  2. BillyIndiana

    Midwest Triumph Riders June 2017

    We are in the grasp of winter here in Indiana. 8 days below 0 degrees Fahrenheit this winter. the other day I walked out and it felt so nice. Got in the Jeep and it was 13 degrees. Anyway I was looking at pictures from a ride this past summer and thought I would share. This is my first video...
  3. germ79

    Ride Suggestions Starting in the Midwest?

    What's up, fellas?! Now that I have a bike again, my father-in-law and I would like to go on a few longer distance rides this coming summer/fall. I'm in Michigan and he's in central Illinois. He's mentioned always wanting to do a little Route 66 trip or a Mississippi River cruise, but I...
  4. Midwest Triumph Riders Rally

    Midwest Triumph Riders Rally

    As you can see I was not the only Rocket on the trip. Eldon Avery has the same Rocket. It is really strange riding with another Rocketeer. I love his old Vetter Trunk he has mounted on the back. We had a Bonnie, Street Twin, America, 3 T-Birds and 2 Rockets.