1. 15w50 castrol

    I cannot seem to find this oil anywhere on the web is this a dealer only item getting ready for 600 mile service I can find Motul
  2. ChicagoRocket

    Replaced my Castrol oil sticker.....

    ooh baby. Matches nicely!!!!!

    TRIUMPH is back on the salt testing this week GUY MARTIN is piloting and and doing shake down runs so lets hope the salt holds up

    Castrol Rocket pilot announced.

    Guy Martin , English Isle of Man racer will be piloting the Castrol Rocket. Keen to return the Land Speed record to the UK he reckons. He's mad enough to do it :D
  5. Bob R

    I expected it to be bigger (Castrol Rocket)

    It is smaller than I expected. Still a stunning piece of work. 2000 pounds, 1000hp, nice hp/weight ratio. ;) bob
  6. TriumPhil

    Castrol Rocket, AKA The Triumph Streamliner

    Courtesy of Phil Smith from the .com site, here's the latest on the overall, motorcycle, world land speed record attempt at Bonneville: "I believe this is a new version of some videos from CASTROL http://castrolrocket.com/videos/ Still after some pluses and minuses they are on the track."...
  7. Castrol Rocket video

    Just found this video. Bob Carpenter talks briefly about the Rocket engines powering the Castrol Rocket. Pretty **** cool.
  8. Triumph now recommends Castrol?

    I saw in the latest issue of Triumph Magazine that Castrol is now the preferred oil for Triumph. [/LEFT] I used to be able to buy Mobil 1 4T at Wal Mart and I noticed it has been replaced with Castrol also.