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  1. Mehecan

    FS Jardine exhaust heat shield

    Hey everyone. I'm on the hunt for a single piece of a heat shield on the Jardine exhaust for a 07' R3 classic. It's the piece that covers the area where the three pipes converge into two. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Mehecan

    2007 Passenger floorboards

    Thanks for the great info. I'll reach out to Kuryakin and see what they have. The all black ones sound perfect as mine has had most of the chrome removed or painted black.
  3. Mehecan

    2007 Passenger floorboards

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to track down some passenger floorboards that are compatible with my 07'. Any help would be awesome.
  4. Mehecan

    Throttle cable snapped

    Hey everyone, new here and new to the awesome power of R3s. Unfortunately, a snapped throttle cable tore all the power from me... Had to limp her home using vice grips. I've ordered a new cable but wondering will I have to lift the tank off to complete this repair myself? Anyone have tip/tricks...
  5. Mehecan

    New Member

    Hey everyone, new member to the awesome power and sleek ride of the 2007 R3 classic.