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    Sold the Rocket

    Sorry everyone, but the Jardines and PC3 are sold. I appreciate the interest, and I apologize for not responding to everyone in a timely fashion. I was on vacation in FLA and didn't have much connectivity. Keep the Shiney side up and stay out of the ditches.
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    Sold the Rocket

    Got it Lon and replied. Pictures pending...
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    Sold the Rocket

    It was a METZ (stock replacement)
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    Sold the Rocket

    Sad news, I sold the rocket... I'm going to miss her, but not so much in the summertime anymore. The straw was the $240 front tire and another dealership going by the wayside. It was just getting to expensive to keep her. So, my loss is another's gain. I still have a few pieces laying...
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    Tail Light Electrical Gremlin... Help Wanted

    Thanks folks, I'll swap the fuses and recheck the wiring loom in the rear.
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    Tail Light Electrical Gremlin... Help Wanted

    To All, I'm having a wierd issue with the running light portion of the stock brake light. The running light portion doesn't work, but it illuminates properly when the brakes are applied. I've checked the fuses, none blown. I've changed out the bulb for a new one, just purchased. I've checked...
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    Mutazu Hard Bags - Signal Relocation

    Loanstar, Like Ken (Stripes) I have the bags that he does. I have easy brackets because the one included from Mutazu.... REALLY suck. I've been running mine everyday for roughly two years now without a problem.
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    Myrtle Beach

    Hey Ken, I'm not exactly in MB, but I am about 4 hours up the road in Durham, NC. There are a few of us in the Raleigh area as well. What's up? -Phil
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    Message to All of the Veterans

    To all of the veterans that have served our country, Lisa's youngest cousin is a finalist in a national contest sponsored by the Paralyzed Veterans. The young lady (her name is Miranda Miller) is sending a message to all of you. I have attached it for you to read. Thanks to All. For...
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    Chaps - Barney's Leather Barney's.... the best you're going to find for the price.
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    Exhaust Leak?

    Found it! The rear cylinder and and the connection at my ankle were both leaking. The real culprit was the connection at my ankle... it was leaking like a sieve. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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    Exhaust Leak?

    I'll try the sudsy water trick.... I've never had a big problem with the fan blowing hot air back.... even in 100 deg days. It's the gas smell/exhaust smell that's worrying me. I never noticed it until recently. It would put a damper on any ride to be standing on the side of the road watching...
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    Exhaust Leak?

    Is there an easy way to find out if you have an exhaust leak? How about a hard one? symptoms: - Sitting at a traffic light with no one around me, I'm smelling gas/exhaust. - I'm also getting a LOT of heat coming from around the back cylinder that blows on the underside of my right thigh. -...
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    Being Seen

    These guys are in the next town over from me (Wake Forest) and I've been by their shop. These guys are awesome... They products are top-notch. If you have an LED need, these guys can fill it. He makes his own setups as well as reselling commercial products.
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    This Doesn't Have Much to Do With Rockets, But...

    Congratulations! I'm assuming that everyone is well...