Your bike before your rocket.

Lets see

My first Bike I got in 86, A Yamaha 700 Fazer. Then I rode a CBX1100 for a while. I had a spane of 8 -9 years with no bike, went to boats. then I got a Honda American custom classic 1100 from my mom, and then my Rocket this past X-mas.
An Aprilia RSV 1000 Factory. I never quite bonded with it. Thus sold it at around 5'000 miles. And bought the Rocket. Love at first sight. My other bike, the little Triumph Daytona 675 satisfies my occasional GP aspirations:p and is far less uncomfortable, relatively-speaking, of course, than the Aprilia or similar Ducati's. Jamie
Started with a Suzuki 50, then to a Suzuki 125, then to a Suzuki 185, Dad had a Suzuki 550, then to a 1977 Honda Gold WIng, then to a 2003 Harley Road King (Still have it) and then the Rocket.