World's Fastest Indian...


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Feb 25, 2006
Thanks to the Pigman I was able to watch his Netflix version of "The World's Fastest Indian". This somewhat quirky flick is about the trials and tribulations of Burt Munro. It has some nifty motorcycle footage but it really is more of a feel good movie about Burt's ability to overcome many obsticles with his extremely positive attitude and his ability to see the best in almost all people, well... except the judges at the salt flats. There are some famous caracters he runs into along the way that help him out, but he must fight the clock because of his failing health. You will just have to watch the movie to see what this is all about, to see if he lives, to see if he actually does have the Worlds Fastest Indian ;)
I saw it at Target a few weeks ago. But wasn't sure if it was good enough to invest the price. Punisher better be careful volunteering. You might be burning lots. ha ha:D
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