Waiting for my Ricket


Nov 26, 2006
Kalamazoo, Mi
Hello everyone,

Oops, I just read my subject line waiting for my Rocket not ricket. That is what I get for fat little finger I guess keep hitting the wrong keys and not proofreading, Oh well. My name is Steve better known as Freak I have a lot of tattoos and Piercings. I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan and I am waiting for my Triumph Rocket to arrive I ordered it last week. I got a 2005 Graphite in color with heated grips and a passenger backrest for 11,259.00 out the door, I think it is a pretty good price it has less that 500 miles on it and it is being sold to me as a new bike with a full two year warranty. I ama Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor Coach with a School in Michigan called Michigan's Safest Riders. I also have a 2003 Road King. But I took a Rocket for a test ride and it handles circles around my Road King cant wait for it to come in. I am look to make some updates on it exhaust, Tune Boy, etc.

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Hi Mr. Freak!!!

That's a great price, it almost makes me wonder if its hot (I'm just kidding).

It will be good to have a safety instructor around here, because quite frankly, this isn't a very safe group... a lot of wheelies and stuff. :roll:

Tats huh?? Maybe I should start a tatoo photo album.....

Anyway, please do join in, we don't bite!

Welcome Steve/Freak. Sounds like you got a great deal. If you have the tire money, the Rocket has plenty of burnout time for you. It will power wheelie pretty easily too when it hooks up.
It's worth the wait

Steve... Glad you joined us. They say half the fun is the anticipation but believe me.....a majority of your kix will be in the ride itself. I hope you'll take part in the forum and share some of your "bike bling" with us. You mentioned only half of your handle. Where did "Pastor" come from?
I am a Pastor as well, 6' foot 1" about 300 lbs, about 70 percent of my body is covered in tatttoos, I have my nose pierced, labret, ears are 1 inch holes on the right one anyway, eyebrow pierced all that good stuff. I do it so people can see you dont have to fit a certain mold to be a Christian. I call myself freak because all those people who think they are better than others or holier than thou kind of people call me a freak under their breath so when I introduce myself as Freak they lose everything they were going to say and usually stop looking at the tattoos and look to find me not the outside but the inside, who I really am in other words. It is pretty fun most of the time but let me tell you there are some pretty goofy people in the world who have decided to take the Bible and make it into what they think it is instead of taking the time to study it and see what it REALLY says.

I am married for 24 years to Betty and our Son is 23 years old who also rides, he rides a 04 Police Etectra Glide and a 83 Shovel head, he is looking into getting a Triumph 675 in the future but he hasnt rode the Rocket yet when he does I know what he is going to want.

Welcome Freak and thanks for the bio. Sounds like you lead a full life.

You got a great deal for sure. I was going to get a graphite if the deal fell thru on my Red 2005. Neutral colors are so easy to doll up.:eek:
I'll leave your tattoo's and piercing alone, that's your business. :)
Enjoy the site and take advantage of all the features and forums. If you can, please submit some photo's and create your own photo album. It's always great to put a face to a name. I promise I won't stare at your body art.:D :rolleyes:
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Welcome Freak

**** good deal on the bike. Jump in often, and don't worry about the spelliing. Alot of us have rickets from old age.

Hey Freak. Welcome to the club! Got my first, and probably last tatoo in Sturgis last summer. The chinese symbol of the chi. Unfortunatly a photographer from The KC Star was along with us and it was in the paper upon my return. I imagine a few of my business associates whispered 'freak' under their breath. Hope your weather gives you a few days to ride when your Rocket comes in. And Sidecar, you are not that old!:cool: