Under What Category?

The Japs are losing the gist of motorcycling... Yamaha, besides inflicting the above monstruosity on us, is promoting an optional semi-autotrans for the XJ1300... ( a total flop over here, at least thus far)... Honda is fervently displaying an air bag on the Gold Wing at the Paris show as if it were a quantum leap in bikers' satisfaction ... and is reportedly toying with handlebar-mounted manumatics for a Valkyrie successor... etc.

And Ducati who don't do such silly things has just won the 2007 MotoGP championship:).
A Bellyful of Safety Features?

You talkin' about a rear one, are you not?. Very prudent on your part, bmtbandit Sir:rolleyes:.

I told the clown at the Paris show whose thankless task it was to extoll the virtues of Honda's front bag (mostly to visitors who were only interested in the new CBR 1000) that I already had one. A beer belly ... a schnaps sponge.. a scotch paunch...

Don't need no impact to be deployed:D. Jamie
Yes I was talking about a rear one. What I really want is the James Bond bubble Jacket, that auto opens on impact. I think it would be fun to go get a beater bike and wreck on purpose just to go rolling down the street like a hamster. :D
You guys have no Imagination,saw that thing In half right down the middle and you have two decent bikes...BJC
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