Texas Rider checking in overdue..


.020 Over
Jan 7, 2008
Fort Worth Texas
I not really new to this site, I have been reading in the forums for 7 months, and thought I would introduce myself. I live in the Fort Worth Area down here in Texas, I have had my 2007 Rocket III since May and love it, I had been riding a 2000 Heritage Softail for past 5 years and have been riding about 25 years in all.

I think this is the best Rocket Site out there and had used it for info before I bought my Rocket, and for trouble shooting some of mysteries of this bike.

welcome to the forum shadow69, hook up with the lone star forum when you can,there's a little gathering goin' down in late spring in new ulm. maybe see you there if you can....

:D greg :D
Welcome, Fort Worth is a great place. My daughter goes to TCU and so does my money. If I ever ride up that way I'll give you a call. Bike is in shop now with oil leak (RPM Cycle in Dallas). I hear Ft Worth has a good Triumph dealer.
Welcome Shadow 69, looks like the state with the most R3's is Texas. Maybe our long riding season, or we just like to be different and ride a ROCKET. Welcome aboard.:D:D