Spring hit Finland.. well sort of


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Mar 9, 2006
Well we had a couple of fairly warm weeks, snow was melting fast sun was shining, the overall spring feeling got to me. So last sunday I took her out for the first time this season, it was only about 7 degrees celsius but guess what, I wasn't feeling cold at all.

This was the first time that I got on bike before very near at the end of March, but boy was that nice. Then I went riding twise this week as it was sunny and nice.....

Today it started at noon, and now we have 5 inches of SNOW, ******* :soapbox: .
I wanted to have summer allready :mad: and the beast is so ready to hit the roads but...
At least its promised to warm up by wednesday.
Same here, down south:confused: , relatively-speaking, Matti. Prematurely spring-like weather in western Switz, during the last two weeks. I have casually added 500 k's to the green machine's mileage. But there is an ominous weather forecast for the coming week. Threats of revengeful snow below 500 meters. That's too bad as I had scheduled a "strategic" meeting in the French Jura, 120 k's away north of Geneva, with my "hard-core" RCE disciples ... On the positive side, if they don't show up, I'll have more to drink:cool:
It's starting to warm here some in the Midwest USA.... but its been pretty normal for all intents and purposes. We went out last weekend and because there was some humidity in the air it actually was fairly nice.

The weather dweebs forecasted 70 F for today but as we got closer the forecasted temps kept going down. We barely broke 60 and it was very windy, it felt much colder than it really was. I think these weather guys give us "Happy" forecasts, more or less what we would like to hear, but as we get closer to the actual day reality sets in. I wonder if they are really very accurate more than a couple of days out.

We are coming up on severe weather season here. The next two or three months will be full of Thunderstorms and tornadoes as summer pushes winter back up north. I have the feeling it may be a wet summer.
I guess global warming has not hit your part of the world yet.:flame:
Oh but it has... Last year I drove my beast home from the dealer the 31st of March and it was snowing that day and then for about a week it was impossible to ride at all.
Also this was my alltime record of taking the bike out in my seven previous years owning a bike the earliest has been the 26th of March and I'm one of the first ones you see riding then.

How sad is that for a biker :(