Here is a nice poll For Flip

  • Hot springs is a nice town

    Votes: 8 53.3%
  • Flip owns cats

    Votes: 7 46.7%

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Wow! I am really excited that this sparked this type of discussion. But who is going to take charge of this effort? I love the Hot Springs idea. I went to the University of Arkansas and have a strong affection for the area. I have ridden lots of backroads in that area. But I really don't care where we go. it just has to be set up and whoever shows...shows. And Flip, I love ya man, but i do not chase hot chicks all the I?
And Flip, I love ya man, but i do not chase hot chicks all the I?

Raymond, only you know the answer to that.....I do know one thing for sure and that is if I was in your shoes, I WOULD. At least 90% of the time. You need 10% for rest.:D

It's gonna be a fun summer I have a feeling.:bch:

Anywhere the majority wants is fine with me. Hot springs is nice and the springs, well the hot baths are quite envigorating, especially after a long bike ride. If I remember correctly (Raymond, correct me if I'm wrong) there is either a Holiday Inn or a Best Western right in the middle of town that is real bike friendly. The one thing I remember about the HOG rally was how friendly everyone was.
Raymond Said:

Wow! I am really excited that this sparked this type of discussion.
Yeah Raymond... you friggen **** stirrer. Are you sure you're not an Aussie?? :D

Just kidding buddy... Most of our rides are planned the night before so stay loose. If you want big glorious motorcycle rallies some of you guys will have to chip in and help out. Even last years Ride Across America was thrown together quickly by Ugarte and Vonbonds and I/we really had very little to do with it. I do believe that we screwed Ugarte up by moving things a little farther to the east but trust me... there is a whole lot of nothing out in western Kansas and it would have just been those two sitting in a Restaurant by themselves probably.

Sooooo.... the first thing we need to know (and this is a big one).... who wants to ride across America this year?
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Lets see, I will, Bart will, Raymond will, Brian might, is Von Bonds busy?, You might, Rusty might, Big Ern will, Ugarte will ride anywhere, Jeff might if the chickens don't get in the way, Gunshots might, HeR3tic will, Pianoman might, I don't know about PF, you ask him.....

If I had to trailer somewhere, I can fit 2 on the trailer and 2 in the bed of my 350 Ford Crew cab. It's a 4 door so plenty of room. I could haul a Nissan in the's a 1 ton.:D


How's about a poll? for who will and what place or what destination. Personally, I don't care so long as I don't have to ride to the left coast, that's a little too far. I don't think my posterior would survive.

My vote would be for Hottie Springs and I think I can speak for Raymond too.

Good title for the poll: Rockets Across America II or Rockets to Hottie Springs
Polls are for voting, like a ballot. A proper heading for a poll has to be a question, not an announcement. You can see the results of any of our polls and they don't contain specific information on the person who votes, so a poll asking the question "Would you like to participate in a Rocket Rally in Hot Springs" would be useless, because it doesn't tell us who voted. We could have small children in Russia vote for all we know. It might be useful to help select a city, but once again I would rather have input from specific qualified individuals like Ugarte or Bigern or Vonbonds verses having 200 seniors from the old folks home in Council Bluffs Iowa vote on it and choose a site for us.

I asked this before... but what did I miss on the Hot Springs location? Does someone live there? Is there some kind of biker event or rally going on? Just curious :D....
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There is no message Flip :D..

Some input would be nice but polls have fixed responses that may be outside of what people want.

I guess two places to think about would be Baxter's Rally in Marne, Iowa, 3rd weekend in August and Hot Springs (I still don't know how or why this came up:D) at a yet to be determined date.

Baxter's is a Triumph rally with lots to do, plenty of places to stay or camp, and is somewhat central. Lots of good places to eat, nice motels in Atlantic and Walnut including some cool bed and breakfasts. Walnut is an Antique town, meaning the entire downtown area is nothing but antique stores, probably 30 or more of them. Your wife could spend an entire day there. The rally itself spans Friday thru Sunday and Baxter's shop is like a museum full of old British bikes. Several hundred bikes show for this along with thousands of people. Demo rides, poker runs, pig roast, dances. Friday night dinner ride. Usually coincides with Atlantic days (Town Festival) that has a Hot Rod cars show, a festival in the town square with tons of booths, carnival rides ect ect ect. Of course we could have a Rocket specific event possibly Saturday night.

Hot Springs... I have no idea, I've never been there. Someone please help out with this....