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raymond braswell

Jul 24, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
When I first got on this forum, what caught my attention at the very beginning was a post by Toystoretom titled "Rockets Across America". Ugarte from the West Coast and Vonbonds from the East Coast were planning on riding cross country to meet in the midwest and several of us were going to join them. Ugarte was stopped by bad weather in the mountains, but Vonbonds made it. The planning and Vonbond's trip reports were fun. Tomo, I think you need to work on a new plan for this season. Yes, we are forming regional groups that can plan rides, but one big ride would be fun for the Forum to read about even if they cannot attend. It seems to me the bulk of at least those that participate are in the midwest, south and southeast. Maybe this year we could plan a "Board Meeting" in say Nashville, or some central spot that would be reasonable for at least a few of us to get to. I am going to meet with Paul the first weekend in June to ride the Hill country, and then Sturgis in August. But I would love to be a part of "Rockets Across American" to somewhere this mid summer. No disrespect to our Northeast Coast, Southwest and West Coast brothers, but you have to start somewhere. Anyone got any ideas?
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When you guys get ready for the Hill Country in April, I'd sure like to join ya. I'm just outside of San Antonio, so it's a short jaunt for me to make it up to the Hill Country area.. :)

I say to Tomo, centralize it according to the where the majority of riders hail from. That data is available to Tomo, Pig9r and Hondax. Make it a point of interest like the Barber Motorsports Complex or Dollywood (uch!) or the Dragon (I'll watch you guys spark your pegs and hopefully not bust your butts) or whatever. It needs to be a location that's accessible and has lodging that we can all centralize from. Personally, I like Hot Springs Ark., even though my wife and I had a rather bad experience there many years ago. Besides, Hot Springs has great lodging and outta sight BBQ.

It needs to be a tourist attraction as we are all tourists, but biker friendly and no, not the HD factory in KC either.

No matter where it is, for some it will be local and for some it will be long distance. For all, however, it will be a good time and companionship with everyone we converse with electronically almost daily.

It needs to be a less constrained time frame, like a whole weekend or a week for that matter. The guys on the NTBF (New Triumph Bonneville Forum) do a Deals Gap ride every year and every year it gets bigger. Bikes come from all over for a week of getting to know each other and hopefully not getting maimed in the pursuit of taming the Dragon.

Our illustrious leaders here (read Tomo, Brian and Jeff) need to get off their arses and get rolling on this thing. Maybe we should discuss it on Wednesday night at the chat room while Ray is playing tidily winks with some leggy lady........He's a hump day humper.

Those are just suggestions. Whatever is decided, count me in. I'm not an iron butt'r, but I'll be there, most likely dragging along Banjo and PF (In a large box)(with a chain attached).:D
Sounds Good

Gas hit $2.55 a gallon around here this past weekend, so I am going to start picking up tin cans to cash in for trip money. The beast is going to learn to like regular. I too am not an Iron Butt, but I do have a good trailer, camper shell on the truck, and the will and fortitude to party until about 10:15 pm on the weekends. Where and when gentlemen?
Our illustrious leaders here (read Tomo, Brian and Jeff) need to get off their arses and get rolling on this thing.

That's right, we don't do much around here.

Besides, Hot Springs has great lodging and outta sight BBQ.
I understand there's some outstanding roads to ride in Arkansas from the North West corridor down through most of the state. Wherever the powers that be choose is fine with me. I also would like to see at least a few days together to really get a chance to square off in person and meet those we've talked with for so long. Last year's ride with Vonbond was well worth it.

Distance will probably determine if I haul or ride.

Maybe we could start a poll of what 3 places each Captain would most like to visit or where they're coming from to give us a picture of what might work for the most involved.
The reality of the situation may boil down to how much time people can take off and when they can do it. I may be able to put together a 4 day weekend or two but thats not going to get me all that far from home. One of my trips will be to Baxter's Rally the third weekend in August, possibly we could have a Midwest meeting there.

We have also talked about maybe something down by Branson to meet up with Shawn, possibly in May or June.

A trip to Oklahoma to see Bigern?

There are large Rally dates to steer clear of and holidays. Keep that in mind.

It may be a better idea to have some smaller hookups or regional meetings so more can attend.

Also... It probably wouldn't be the best to do long distance planning with no one local to put things together.

If some of you could really find the time to ride across the good ole US of A, I would think we would almost have to do something central again. Maybe hit a ski resort in the Rockies (which really isn't too central) in the summer... rooms would be easy to find :D

Just some ideas.....
A gathering down here to see little ole' me! :eek:. That would be great! We do have some great roads to ride here in SE Oklahoma, nothing like the flatlands of central OK. (Good enough curves to daydream a Rocket off of :rolleyes: . I'm glad to hear the talk of runs starting up, it's been a long cold winter for this Florida boy. Like Tomo said though, time constraints can and will be a factor in planning getogethers. Bigern