R3 Thrasher

Standard Bore
Jul 26, 2022
Triumph Rocket 3. 2005.
Hi all,
Just bought a 2005 Rocket 3 . Not my usual choice, GSXR's, Fireblade, Ducati, kind of guy. Anyway I'm pleasantly surprised. Addicted to its sheer acceleration.
Current issues she overheats, and the clutch slips on hard acceleration at the end of the rev range, is this a clutch issue or the rev limiter kicking in? Any rec's on replacement exhausts and mean looking handlebars.
Oh another point she wallows like a walrus hitting the beach, in corners ! is it a matter of changing the fork oil for a thicker grade and maxing out the rear shocks?
Look forward to any replies.
R3 thrasher .