Rocket III Classic/HD Road King 1600 Comparo


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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
French weekly Moto-Revue, Jan. 11, 2007 issue, features a quantified comparo between the Rocket Classic and the 2007 Road King Classic 1600.

Results (please keep in mind that in France motorycles cannot legally exceed 100 rear-wheel HP):

Measured crankshaft BHP:
Rocket: 110.0 @ 4'380 rpm's, HD 76.2 @ 4'740 rpm's
Measured crankshaft torque in mkg's:
Rocket 21.9 @ 3'050 rpm's, HD 14.3 @ 2'940 rpm's
1/4 mile in secs:
Rocket 12.08, HD 14.20
Average test mileage in liters per 100 kilometers:
Rocket 7.45, HD 8.00
Overall Rating in Points (including such other attributes as comfort, fit and finish, etc.):
Rocket 1st @ 351, HD 2nd @ 337 points

Mag's Comments:
"The Rocket has a fantastic engine (in spite of the French power limit)" ..." The Rocket allows for dynamic riding and leaves the poor (sic) Harley behind"... " Praiseworthy Rocket brakes, while those of the Road King invite prudent riding"...

Note: With the optional windscreen and leather bags, the Rocket is 5% less expensive than the --bone stock-- Road King in France

HD owners' initial reactions (Jamie's sources):
Outrage: " Harley is a myth (sic) and myths should not exposed to comparisons"... "a most unfair comparison: the HD is a true cruiser and the Rocket is something else" (sic)..."the Rocket has a huge displacement advantage"... " With non-standard pipes and other mods, the Road King would easily gain 20 ponies"... "that mag is worth sh**"..."when HD comes up with its own 'monster motor', the Rocket will eat its dust" ...etc.


Can you access an english version of this review online or do you have to actually get the magazine?
Can you access an english version of this review online or do you have to actually get the magazine?

Am afraid you need the mag. And it's all in french. Have kept a copy of it handy. If you are truly interested I coulf fax a copy of the article to you. Would need a fax #. Best. Jamie

Thanks for the offer, but it probably wouldn't do me much good as I cannot read french. Still trying to figure out how the HD got 337 points, must have been one heckuva paint job or they may have taken off points because the Rocket had more than 100 Hp at the rear wheel.:)
As I said, Molinoman, there were 8 --somewhat subjective-- attributes besides measured performance data. Here's a totally unedited translation of the score sheet for you:

1. Engine: RIII 68, HD 60
2. Overall performance;: RIII 51, HD 41
3. Road behavior (stability, manoeuvrability, etc.): RIII 40, HD 41
4. Brakes: RIII 34, HD 30
5. Comfort: RIII 57, HD 61
6. Ergonomics, weight, riding pleasure, etc.: RIII 39, HD 42
7.a. Fit and finish: RIII 17, HD 16
7.b Standards equipment: RIII 14, HD 16 (optional windshield and bags on the Rocket!)
8. Budget (owning and operating): RIII 31, HD 30

That's how HD got 337 points. I personally thing the mag has been... indulgent towards the Road King :) Jamie