Pic of Red SE (Attn Capt Scarlet)


Living Legend
Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
Alright Captain Scarlet I got some photos for you and did a little extra recon work. They had their red SE in the showroom with a set of D&D pipes on it. My dealer also had a copy of the yet to be released Torque because it happens to have a nice write up of their business and the sales rep was in today. Also in there was an accessories ad that shows the Classic seat will be an option for all Rockets and will be called the Touring Seat. Also they have added a short sissy bar that has a curved back rest and is made from the same material the seat is made from. I am sure they will be cheap. These photos were taken with my camera phone so the quality isn't there but you get the idea. The red on the SE is more of a blood red than the mulberry red.