Now it's official!!!


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
I know you guys have been waiting for the official word, so here it is:

Christmas is finally over!

The giant Sequoia Christmas tree finally came down, shedding about a gazillion of it's gazillion & one needles as it fought & struggled to "not go out the front door". If fact, the area just inside the front door will never be the same. That tree absolutely refused to "compress" to pass through the 32 inch wide opening on it way to ????. It came "in" easily due to the "sock" they put on them at the tree farm, before us "poor saps" takes them off their hands for a good time. I almost came to the point of going after the pruner and rubbish bucket (I thought of getting the 36" Jonsered chain out saw but that would have left a slight "after burn" odor for the next few days). So, after about an hour of heavy duty shop vacuuming & picking specific stubborn needles out of the carpet, and some furniture rearranging, I'm good for, say, 10 1/2 months before "she" desires the whole process to start again.

I did get a few additional storage (Christmas stuff storage) shelves constructed last week to accommodate this years extras "she" had to have. Well worth the though & time, in my opinion. But in her opinion, "There's more shelf space, so let's fill it to capacity next season". "Yea, sure, I'm ready", or so I think.

Anyway, the whole process has came full circle & everything is back in storage as usual. I get a little less tolerant each year. Old man syndrome sitting in I'm sure. The kids even notice. I can't wait to see how fast that dry "pine giant" flames up. I've had some good ones in the past but this baby will top them all, I do believe.

See ya.


May 26, 2006
2006 Rocket III
About time for the fun to stop.I think there are more lights up now than one week before Christmas.Glad you survived rusty and I'm sure the,"after" sales on,"stuff" for next years decorations are put away the next years new,"stuff"added to the old new stuff and after sales stuff added to the old stuff.....yes,about time for the fun to stop.

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