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Jul 30, 2006
Eagle, Idaho
I have had my R3C for about three weeks now. I also have a Harley Dyna Wide Glide, which I dearly love (I know, I will catch all kinds of flack for saying that, but facts are facts). Anyway, after three weeks of riding only the R3C, I had an occasion to ride the Harley this weekend. I was amazed and shocked how small the Harley felt. Just as amazing, I got right back on the R3C, and it felt like a normal-sized motorcycle. The R3C does not feel particularly large in any manner, including riding position, handling, or any other aspect except power, of course. I just wanted to share that experience with the other members of R3 Owners and see if anyone else has had a similar experience. My wife is in the market for a new motorcycle, and I think I would recommend an R3 just for the superior handling and brakes, as compared to other motorcycles.
Coyote, glad to hear you are enjoying the bike. Don't worry about loving your HD here either. All forms of 2 wheel transit are A-OK! :)
The Rocket does seem normal sized after awhile, doesn't it. Its wierd how you get used to things. The deal that bothers me is when I get on another bike and it has no power....

About your Harley... we don't care :D. You should have more than one bike, if I had the cash I would have dozens.
coyote569 said:
I just wanted to share that experience with the other members of R3 Owners and see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Same experience, although with a Honda Valkyrie. All of a sudden, the HD which I had loved dearly felt like a beginner's bike. But it also felt terminally short on both torque and power. Not to mention precarious roadholding in twisties (at least whenever ridden as a motorcycle should, i.e. FAST) and symbolic brakes. The HD had to go. But then, 3 years later, the Valky had to go as well, due to its lack of both power and (more importantly) personality. The Rocket can do what the HD's do and be as good a tourer as the Valky' used to be. But it outclasses them on all accounts. And it has got a helluva personality.

Jamie :cool:
Exellent choice for the Lady who can appreciate those fine qualities,and how better to be able to keep up and keep an eye out.:eek:

Got the same deal with my T100.

I ride the R3C and then get on the Bonnie and it feels like a mini-bike and it has a sidecar attached so it's a lot wider. They are 2 distinctly different bikes with 2 distinctly different personalities by the same OEM.

The R3C feels normal to me though everyone around me says it's oh! my gawd big. My T100 is oh! my Gawd small and to think I went 113 on that thing....must be nuts.:D