Standard Bore
Oct 10, 2007
Hi, out there! I am new to this forum. I bought a 2005 Rocket at the end of Aug and just found out about this great site. I have had a blast going thur the different posts. I live in Washington state. I live in Snohomish , which is north of Seattle. I commute 37 miles one way to work. I ride unless there is that white stuff on the road or sparklies, you know that black ice. I have been riding for the past 7 yrs. I love the Rocket but it was a real shocker to go from the FZ1 to the Rocket. This is a bike you have to ride all the time. You can't for a minute forget what you have ahold of. Any of you all close to my location?
Sorry, I'm not close to you, but welcome to the forum. There's tons of useful information to be gleened from the forums as well as the members.

I know that at least one member is in your area.
R3 Owner in Bremerton

Hey, I'm not real close, but I do come up to I-90 Motorsports in Issaquah where I bought my bike and where I get it serviced. Where did you get you bike? Have you posted any pics yet? You can see my pics in the MITCHCPC photo album. Looking forward to seeing your ride.

I commute about 30 miles a day on my R3, rain or shine but no frost. Got the snowmobile suit and heated gloves. Those heated gloves are well worth the $.

This is a great site, you'll learn a lot here.
I bought my ride at I90 motorsports. Its in the shop as we speak.I have the electric jacketliner and glovers , but don't have the rocket wired yet, one of my first little jobs. I know several of the guys here at the hospital commute from Bremerton side of the sound. Marcus it sounds like the way to go with the ferry system here.

RatBoy ,thanks for the welcome and you are so right. I have just scratched the surface.
I-90 motorsports...

I'll be there Friday at about noon to get my 386 fix and a new clutch cable (warranty). Did you buy your Rocket from Don Shields?
Glad you're here

Well, for starters, Jamie will probably electronically bond with you since the word GREEN is in your name. That's the color of his R3 and a good color it is....... for sure!

Sounds like you've already experienced the 1/4 twist throttle. There's very little room between idle and BANZAI. As always, post a few pictures for all of us to see.