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Shot Spy

Looks darn good to me. I have never related to 2-wheeled suburban commuting monstruosities (Honda Varadero's, BMW scaffolding-looking twins, Suzuki or other me-too Varadero's, etc.) posing as long-haul Baja or Sahara conquerors.

But the new Tiger looks... different. As Triumph ' cycles should.

Pig9r: Don't start your tantalizing countdown on this one, I adjure you. I won't buy one;) .
You know, it would make a good commuter bike for the retired motorcycle enthusiast to travel to and from his part-time retirement jobs.:rolleyes:
Or, with all that spare time Jamie will now have, He could take his new Tiger Down Under and tear up the Outback with Steve, Dave, Etc.

As an ex Tiger owner, I love the look of that new one. I will refrain from any test rides!
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Jamie - I think I read that you are getting Motorcyclist Magazine from the US? If so let me know when you get the latest issue. I don't want to spoil it for you but it does add a little justification to your last purchase.
Hey, Pig9r, I found the June issue you mentioned in my mailbox upon returning home. And... yes... the winner is... the Daytona 675. Although more subjective than the multi-mag track comparo I posted here earlier one, it does vindicate it, doesn't it?

Highly recommended spare mount, my friends. Not in lieu of the Rocket III, Goodness me. In addition to. But not just another adult (?) treat or toy or therapy either. Over 1000 miles on mine. Mostly alpine hill climbs. And the good news -it has taken me a while, as I had initially confessed on the RAT forum to Davo- is that I am gradually starting to remember what cornering... urgency is all about. Between 8 and 12'000 rpm's. Knee out.


Tungstene racing boot tips now flirting with --not yet quite scraping-- the asphalt. Way to go. But, at the age of 57, I realized last Sunday that with a bit of contrived road rage (at least on roads known to me), I, riding the baby Dayton' as it should be ridden, could still smoke a number of -equally eager or silly- fellow week-end GP riders.:cool:


Jamie -Triumph Rocket III-
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